Over Flying in Warlords?

Patch 6.2.2 has dropped and flying is now available to those who wish to fly.  Fussypants and I have debated the merits of flying for several months, but I did not join the commentary since opinions were very strong.  Looking forward to Legion, it appears that we will be grounded again until we complete a series of quests, grinding, stories, or something.

One of Yotaan’s goals for this end of expansion doldrums was to grind out the necessary parts to provide flying for the rest of our toons.  That way Fussypants did not have to worry about it and she could enjoy raiding and guild leading  For me, I like to have a finite goal to achieve, and this worked well.  Yotaan had already completed the daily quests, and finding 100 treasures was actually fun.  Getting revered for the 2 needed factions was not too much of a challenge either and it was completed just prior to the patch dropping.

So for the past 2 weeks, we can fly!  (cue Peter Pan music)

And it doesn’t matter, except when in the garrison, you can get to the shipyard faster.

Which is the point of this whole debacle.  Flying really isn’t that important.  We went the majority of the expansion without it and I really didn’t miss it.  Certainly, I saw way more of the landscape up close and personal and, more importantly, I encountered more danger directly.  Going to Nagrand for the first time was a challenge, because I was afraid to pull those big elites on the northwest portion.  I had to be cautious.  It made it more a more immersive experience.  Being grounded was more fun.

Now, Yotaan can go anywhere without a worry.  He can just fly right over that big threat.   However, at this point in the expansion, that doesn’t matter anyway.  Yotaan is endgame geared (not as much as Fussypants, but enough) and there really aren’t big threats anymore.  Flying now is simply a time saver, nothing more than a convenience.  We don’t care about the pack of mobs in the way at the endgame.  Before flying Yotaan would simply barrel thorough on the ground and most of the time they would be chasing him.  That’s not much different than flying over.  One could argue that a lot of time is saved flying, but that is typically not the case since there are flight points everywhere for the taxi’s.  Even with flying being faster, it really is only a marginal change from traveling by ground or flight points.

Back in Wrath, you had to jump thorough some hoops to get cold weather flying.  It was not something you got at the initial portion of the expansion, it was later as your character developed.  Further back in BC, flying was introduced and it was very difficult to accomplish.  In Mists, you did not get flying immediately either.  Only in Cata did you have flying right away.   This pattern of flying at the end of the expansion make sense to me and I am glad they are doing it in Warlords.  It’s a nice little carrot to entice you to play for more.  And, you don’t even have to do it.

So I am over flying in Warlords.  Blizzard has set the initial experience to ground Yotaan and Fussypants in the beginning of an expansion, and that is just fine.


This article was written entirely by Yotaan.

Flying Feud


I realize that I’m basically preaching to the choir here, but I needed to get this off my chest.

Ok.  I told myself that I wasn’t going to write this post.  I knew it was a can of worms and I swore not to even get near it.  I couldn’t stay away.
Today, we are going to talk about flying.  Or rather, the reaction to the possible removal of flying.

You see, I personally don’t care one whit about the whole ordeal.  Whether it’s in the game or not does not impact my playtime much, if at all.  I’m completely ambivalent about the whole thing.  But what I’m not ambivalent about, is the discussion it has generated.

The majority of WoW players do not hold the same view as me. In fact, many seem to feel very strongly about the issue.  And on both sides of the argument (and yes, it has become an argument) are guilty of overreacting to the issue.

I understand that flying is an important issue.  And I understand that you want to get your opinion out to the world.  I feel the same way about changes that effect me.  But there come a point where it’s no longer expressing an opinion.  Where it’s no longer offering constructive criticism.

I’m definitely not saying to stop talking about flying.  Feedback and input are what tell Blizzard what works and what doesn’t.  But please, for the sakes of others, don’t smear your opinion everywhere you go.  Not everything connects back to flying and not every opportunity should be taken to complain about it.  Submit feedback, discuss in appropriate threads and forums, but don’t bring it where it has no place.

And another thing, most people are set on their decision on the matter.  Your continued arguing and bickering over the matter won’t convince anyone that your side is right.  If you are going to discuss your stance, please try to do so in a constructive and calm manner.  More people will listen to you if you aren’t antagonistic.  Civility to others, and especially those who don’t share the same opinion.

The bickering and arguing, while tiring, is not my worst gripe with this whole matter.  It’s the threats to the creators of this game and those who you disagree with.  Once you feel the need to threaten the safety of another because of an opinion, this is where you become a problem.  While it might seem like a good way of venting your anger, that is a terrible and immature way to respond.  Children respond like that.  Not adults.  I know not everyone on the internet is an adult (I know I’m not) but you owe it to the other Net denizens to at least try to act like one.  Please don’t threaten violence.  You see the line? That is way to many steps over it.

Please remember that there are real people behind the avatars.  The pro-flyers are real people.  The no-flyers are real people.  And especially, the developers are real people.  So stop treating them like garbage and start treating them like human beings.  How would you feel if everywhere you went on the internet, you had people telling you you were an idiot.  That your choices were the worst thing ever.  That you were ruining peoples lives.  That you were a monster.  That they would harm you or your family.  It wears on a person and it makes them feel terrible.  I would never wish that on anyone, and I hope none of my readers are doing that to others.

I understand that flying is an important element of the game and that people feel very strongly about it.  But be constructive in your debate.  Be calm in your discussion.  And be humane in your conversation.  You are not the only one with a strong opinion and just because someone else doesn’t share it, that doesn’t make them wrong.

I know this is a lot to ask for, with the anonymity of the internet.  But I believe in the power of the community.  We are better than this and we can solve our differences peacefully.

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

Flying From Cloud Nine


Flying.  The bane of Blizzard and the boon of players.  The game changer, and in some eyes, game wrecker.  Some see it as the best thing ever added to the game, while others think that flying is the death of WoW.  The issue of flying is one of many voices, many opinions, and many arguments.  And the changes in Warlords have done nothing but stir this stew of discontent.

The plan for Warlords of Draenor is to remove flying from the new content.  Not enable it at all.  And this change has made a lot of people angry.

Flying was, and still is a Pandora’s Box.  As many benefits as it offered, it also had many downsides.  And, like the Pandora’s Box, you can’t really get rid of flying without massive complaint.  Many people are attached to their flying mounts, and won’t give them up easily.  But is flying a horrible thing, or a wonderful thing?

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve read dozens of opinions on flying.  Some were well constructed arguments while others were angry rants (by the way, if you passive aggressively argue, I’m probably not going to agree with you, whatever side you are on.  Please say what you mean outright, don’t dance around it and hint at it).  But all voices were passionate.  After reading all that I could on the matter, and doing some in game research, I’ve come to my personal decision.

And it’s not the popular one.

I am of the mindset that no flying in WoD would be a good thing.  What is to follow is an in-depth analysis of why I chose the side I did.  I know a lot of people will disagree with me, and I am not at all trying to tell you your side is wrong.  I will simply attempt to give you another perspective.

I have been mining on my warrior, who was a measly level 46.  This meant that I was running through enemy zones, swimming alongside cliffs, and crossing continents to get where I needed to mine.  And I was doing it all on a ground mount.  Yes, I will definitely admit, it was slow.  It was very slow, and often deadly.  But it was a total adventure.

Have you ever swam up the river leading to the Western Plaguelands?  Or skirted the coast of Dustwallow Marsh to get to Tanaris?  Have you skulked by alliance troops in Loch Modan to get to the Badlands?  There is thrill in exploring, in running through the world to get somewhere.  There is a sense of excitement from discovering buildings or waterways or NPCs that you have never found before.  I learned so much about Azeroth and was able to appreciate all the work that went into it becoming a complete world just by traveling from zone to zone for mining.

And, the world seemed so much larger than it had before.  When you travel by foot, instead of soaring over obstacles, you really realize just how huge Azeroth is.  I felt like a total noob, and it was the most nostalgic I have ever felt for WoW (trust me, I remember BC and it wasn’t as great as people make it out to be).  This is going to sound ridiculous, but I had fun running on foot.

Now, I am absolutely aware that many people won’t feel the same way.  By ground? I’d rather wait till 60 and fly! Sure, it’s faster and far more efficient, but which would you rather be? Efficient or exploring? And that is the crux of the matter.

WoW has become so much of an efficiency test.  How fast can you get from point A to point B? How fast can you level from 1 to 90? How fast can you gear from questing gear to heroic SoO?  I hate to be the old geezer to say this, but slow down and smell the roses!  If you tear through everything so fast, how can you be sure you are experiencing everything? How can you know that you haven’t missed something important or interesting?

Players have become more and more obsessed with efficiency.  To a point, that is a legitimate desire, but only to a point.  At what level do we become too efficient for our own good?  I think that flying makes us too efficient for our own good, and specifically flying in current content.

In explanation, this means that I think it is too efficient to have flying in Draenor come WoD, but not Pandaria come WoD.  I think flying should only be disabled on the continent that is current.  So, Vanilla, BC, Wrath, Cataclysm, and soon to be Pandaria would have flying enabled, but Draenor would not.

Yes, this would make gathering ore and herbs and going from point A to point B slower.  But when it is current content, the ability to fly makes us too dang efficient.  For example, I can mine about two stacks of Ghost Iron Ore in about ten minutes on my flying mount.  Two stacks of Ghost Iron Ore would probably take closer to twenty minutes on my ground mount.  Thus, a character leveling in Pandaria has a large disadvantage to a maxed level character when it comes to mining (on top of not being able to one-shot mobs).

But in Warlords, this may not be the case.  The farming capabilities between a leveling character and maxed level character would be brought much closer.  As an added benefit, zones would look much more alive as max level characters would be on the ground instead of hovering far above.  World PvP would thrive again, and people might actually see more of the details in the world.

This has to change

This has to change

But before flying would be disabled, there is a few things that would need to change.  First of all, flight paths would actually have to take you directly to where you want to go, instead of meandering all around.  Secondly, all flying mounts would have to be able to be used on the ground (many changed by hovering above the ground), so that all of the dragons and whatnot we have collected could still be used.

Lastly, and most importantly, there will need to be more paths connected zones to zones.  More tunnels, bridges, and gates would have to interconnect the zones much better if we are to be forced to go on foot.  The mountains separating zones need to have at least two paths through.  Pandaria was particularly bad about this, so Draenor would have to be better.

Flying has become such an integral part of the game, that removing it now will be a long and arduous road.  Many complaints will be had, and many changes will have to be made, but I truly do believe that an Azeroth without flying would be a better Azeroth.



“YOU” The raid leader cried
“ARE you NOT geared?
Have you no enchants?
YOUR hit is above 20
And your crit below 2
You’ve gotta be the suckiest DPS
I ever knew”