What Counts as Content?

This actually has nothing to do with the article, I just thought it was a cool screenshot

This actually has nothing to do with the article, I just thought it was a cool screenshot

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past couple of days, you have no doubt heard about patch 6.2.3, the latest patch in Warlords of Draenor.  However, as indicated by the number and lack of name of the patch, this newest update will not be a ‘major content patch’.  You can view the full patch notes here.

The patch itself seems to be a smaller one, but after reading it I was struck with the notion that this supposedly small patch actually had a ton of content.  Patch 6.2.3 could arguable be bigger than Patch 6.1 in fact.  In order to explain this, we will need to look at a much bigger question.

What counts as Content?
Most WoW players would define content as stuff to do in the game.  Questing, Dungeons, Battlegrounds, and especially Raids would all be considered content.  Content is further divided down by old content and new content.  Old content typically refers to quests, dungeons, and raids from a previous expansion, but it can also refer to ‘outdated’ and older content in the current expansion (Normal Dungeons and Highmaul would be examples from Warlords).  New content is raids, battlegrounds, zones and whatever else is part of the current expansion and currently being played through by the majority of WoW players.  A patch with content is usually one that introduces a new raid/battleground/dungeon/etc to the game and it typically is written with two numbers as opposed to three (Patch 6.2 versus Patch 6.2.3).

With all this in mind, one would think that deciding what is a content patch and what is not would be relatively easy.  However, this has turned out not to be the case.  Patch 6.1, the first major content patch in Warlords of Draenor was surprisingly light on content for a major patch.  The only new things that the Patch brought were a continuation to the legendary quest, the Garrison Jukebox, some more pet battle stuff, new blood elf models, Garrison bosses, and Twitter Integration.  No new raids or dungeons or battlegrounds to speak of.  No new questlines (other than a short addition to the legendary), no new max level hubs, nothing.  In comparison, Patch 5.1 Landfall brought us the new quest hub in Krasarang Wilds with a host of dailies, story, and rewards, Brawlers Guild, a slew of Pet Battle changes, the continuation of the Legendary Questline, and four new Scenarios.

In reality, Patch 6.1 was incredibly light on content.  Compared to all the other major patches in recent history, 6.1 was more of a hotfix than a content patch. However, that would mean that Warlords only would have one real content patch, 6.2.  Every single other expansion has had at least three major content patches; having just one in Warlords almost makes Warlords an expansion-lite instead of a complete story.

When you look at the original content that patch 6.2.3 brings us, it’s almost as light as 6.1.  A new PvP Season, a new set of Timewalker dungeons (I would consider this new content because of the upgraded rewards), and a mount.  Interestingly though, Patch 6.2.3 brings both dungeons and PvP content, two of the kings of content.

Be without Doubt, this doesn't really pertain to the article either

Be without Doubt, this doesn’t really pertain to the article either

However, there are two changes that patch 6.2.3 brings that I would argue make it a HUGE content patch.

Item Upgrades and Valor are back!
Item upgrades are back! Players will be able to earn and spend Valor to upgrade items from Hellfire Citadel, items created from Baleful tokens in Tanaan Jungle, and all Draenor dungeon drops. All the items you’ve already earned are eligible for upgrades retroactively.
Characters can earn Valor in a number of ways.

  • Completing the first random Heroic Dungeon of the day
  • Completing Mythic Dungeons
  • Completing weekly Bonus Event quests
  • Completing a Raid Finder wing for Highmaul, Blackrock Foundry, or Hellfire Citadel for the first time each week.

Mythic Dungeon Loot Improvements
Mythic Dungeons now have a chance to award items ranging from item level 685 to 725 in 5-item-level increments, with a progressively lower chance as item level increases.
Mythic Dungeon bosses now also have a chance to drop a new Heirloom Trinket that will scale up to level 110.

Neither change is adding new things to do in the game.  But what they are doing, is creating a new incentive to run old content.

Valor points allow players to increase the power of their gear, making it very appealing as another path for gearing up.  The sources of valor points are Heroic Dungeons (first per day), Mythic Dungeons, weekly Bonus Event quests, and LFR wings (first per week).  Many of these sources are considered outdated and are less often run.  But now that there is an incentive to run these things, people will begin running Dungeons and LFR in floods.  Content that was once old will again be current because it once again will have a worthwhile reward. This also will have the added bonus of getting knowledgeable and geared players into LFR, which will improve the speed of those runs.

The second half of this was the increased rewards to Mythic Dungeons.  Again, this will get more players who might not be completing Mythic Dungeons anymore back into them.  Previously older content is made relevant once more.

In addition to all this, there is also the highly controversial moose mount.  Love it or hate it, the moose also acts as a way of keeping content relevant for longer.  The highly desired mount is available for a limited amount of time from a limited source (Mythic and Heroic Archimonde).  Basically, it is another version of the wolf from Mists of Pandaria Garrosh.  The moose will keep players raiding Hellfire Citadel up until the day that the mount becomes unavailable because of it’s desirability. While the moose is just a couple of pixels, it will have the effect of keeping Hellfire Citadel relevant for months and months.

Patch 6.2.3 isn’t bring much in the way of new content, however it is making a huge amount of older content relevant again.  And when you consider all of that content as part of the patch, Patch 6.2.3 starts looking like a major content patch.  I honestly believe that Patch 6.2.3 should really be 6.3.  True, it is missing the massive amount of class tuning that major patches usually have, but it also has more content than previous ‘major content patches’ in this expansion. And in the grand schemes of Warcraft, Warlords could certainly use another major patch to bring it up to par with previous expansions.

Now we just need it to hit live realms!

What slackers! (This also has nothing to do with anything)

Waiting for the patch like….

Garrisons Going Onwards

WoWScrnShot_061915_220553Garrisons are inarguably a very central part to the WoD expansion.   But, as it has been mentioned a few times, they will not be coming with us to the next expansion.  At least, not in their current incarnation. But it does seem likely that Blizzard will take some of the technology and ideas from the garrison and use them in the next expansion.

So, what would I want to see?

It’s hard to say exactly what I would want because we don’t yet know what the expansion will be.  The garrison of WoD was intrinsically linked to the story and feel of WoD as was the farm to Mists.  So whatever the next expansion would be, the next incarnation of the garrison would have to fit in with it thematically.  However, without knowing what the next expansion will be, there are still some things I would want to see with the next garrison.

One of the my main issues with the current garrison is that it is so large.  There is a lot of space to cover, which makes running around doing chores can be a very tedious thing.  This space made sense since the garrison was a military outpost, but in the next incarnation, I would like to see something a little different.  Something a little more compact.

If at all possible, I would like to see Garrison 2.0 as one building, sort of like a compound.  Specialization of your garrison would come from the rooms you picked rather than separate buildings.  Keep in mind, I do not want to see the next garrison become a house.  But I think it should be smaller than it is, and making it a compound would be a good way of keeping it smaller.

I would also like to see race themed buildings in Garrison 2.0.  Especially if it is one building, it would be much easier to design for all the race (smaller space, reusing models).  My gnome is sick and tired of barely being tall enough to see things in her garrison and my draenei would really prefer a few more floating crystals.  The changes wouldn’t need to be huge, just enough to give each race a little ‘flair’.

The other problem with the garrison was that once you had it all set up, there was very little reason to leave it.  People would log into their garrisons, do their garrison chores, check their bank and AH, and queue up for their instances.  I know Blizzard doesn’t want people to hang out in the capital cities all the time, but hiding in our garrisons was even worse.  So the next incarnation of the garrison will need to include much more incentive to venture out.

In order to do so, Garrison 2.0 should have more quests to find things outside the garrison with enticing rewards.  Think the Inn, but with quests to find things out in the world as well.  There should also be randomly spawning things out in the world that you can find that would help your garrison. So while you wait for that instance queue, you are out in the world searching for something, or trying to complete a quest.

The Alliance Garrison is so picturesque!

The Alliance Garrison is so picturesque!

Finally, professions should not be a part of the new garrison.  Sure, the garrison might award some mats or recipes for them, but nothing on the level of the Herb Garden or Mines.  And definitely no crafting huts like we have today.  People should have to again go out into the world to gather their mats and craft their stuff.

One thing I thought was very well done, was the set and forget missions.  I would like to see something similar (but not the same!) in Garrison 2.0.  While I’m not entirely sure what the next version should be, I do like the mini-game of missions.  I would advocate for less missions but the ones we keep give more interesting rewards, but missions are in a pretty good state where they are.

Here’s an idea actually, for missions 2.0.  Players can set out missions for other players to complete instead of their followers.  Both those setting out the missions and those completing them get some sort of specific reward that helps them to further their garrison.  For example, setting out missions gets you a garrison specific currency while completing missions nets you in gold.  And then that garrison specific currency can buy things like gear, toys, pets, and more. That could be a fun way to get people out into the world again.

I think garrisons have been an overall very successful part of WoW.  However, like all things they have had their faults.  Moving forwards, I really hope that the next garrison encourages more ventures into the world as well as interaction between players.  The next garrison should be less of a home base, and more of a starting point for your playtime.

All about that Base….

Yotaan in his base

I was wrong.


And it’s a little tough to admit.


I’m playing WoW and it’s all about my garrison.


As you might remember, Fussypants and I wrote an article about garrisons wherein we discussed our thoughts and plans. I had written that it would be too much work, that Yotaan did not get very far in the farm, that it would be better if it all was account bound, and the mini-game aspect would not be engaging. I made a foolish Clash of the Clans comparison.


Cause of course, now, the garrison is the main reason I play any of my toons. I will log in and immediately check on those follower missions. Fat loot! Then Yotaan dashes over to the salvage yard (okay, some comments here – the salvage yard is the best thing since sliced bread but why is it so far away in Alliance garrisons? My hordie rogue does not nearly need to travel as far – Horde Bias?) and discovers more fat loot in those great crates. Yay!!! Time to level up the followers and boost their ilevels! All leading to the next step, more missions.


I have no idea why I enjoy the followers so much but that alone has kept me playing my max toons and even my ones in the lower 90’s. Perhaps there is just enough reward to entice further play. Certainly there is the feel of progression with leveling, and I think that feeling is multiplied with more followers – look, all 3 went up, at the same time!


Not all is perfect in garrison-land though. Sadly, professions are profoundly uninteresting and seem to be mostly useless. This is the first time that Yotaan’s leatherworking has barely advanced at all. I had thought that getting the Barn, initially as a way to obtain savage blood, would be fun. Trapping wildlife seems cool, but the actual process is a little tedious and very much a time sink. The leather production from the Barn is too slow as well. The leatherworking garrison options are just not enticing.


And yet, I am enjoying the stables, which I surprising. Catching new mounts is surprising fun. Yotaan is the collector of mounts of our cadre of alts, so that is biasing me a bunch. Plus, seeing a fat pandaren on the little talbuk is always funny.


Yotaan has become a bloodthirsty gladiator as well. I have leveled up the gladiator’s sanctum and have ran Ashran with Fussypants. If you join a group in Ashran and fight on the main road, then you become loaded in broken bones. Those bones are the currency for your sanctum for more, you guessed it, Fat Loot! Most of Yotaan’s pvp gear has come from there rather than vendors and you can see him in his finest in the picture.


So, shockingly, the feature I had the least amount of interest in, the garrison, has become my focus of play. I hope there will be added features in upcoming patches, cause it really is all about my base.



This post was entirely written by Yotaan.


Is there Enough Endgame?

Highmaul RaidingSorry for the long delay without any forewarning.  Life caught up to us; between holidays, birthdays, finals, shoppings, and celebration we haven’t had any chance to write!  Don’t worry, we are back to start off the new year writing once more.

Endgame content is arguable one of the most important aspects of World of Warcraft.  The majority of our playtime is spent at max level so there is a huge need for long term max level content.  As with all expansions, WoD brought in new max level content.  The current debate is, is this enough?

Fussypants: In my mind, there are two types of max level content: PvP and PvE.  On the PvE front, we have garrisons, raids, dungeons, and reputations.  On the PvP front, we have battlegrounds, arenas, skirmishes, and Ashran.  Now I’m no die hard PvPer, so my knowledge is more limited for that, but I would say the PvP front is pretty well covered.  The main content issue seems to be with PvE content.

I think that the lack of an overwhelming number of dailies has created the notion of less content.  Minute for minute, I will agree that there is less to do.  However the content we have is much more enjoyable and much more lasting.

I will be the first to admit- I hated dailies.  I did very few of them and only when I really had to.  Because I couldn’t log on every day for two hours to clear out all the dailies, I always felt behind and annoyed.  So consequently, I barely did any dailies and I have very few Pandaria reps at Exalted.  With WoD, that two hour glut of dailies has been replaced with a twenty minute garrison jaunt.  Chores are chores, and checking my garrison isn’t the most entertaining thing.  But I’m liking it so much more than the MoP chores.  I can leave my garrison alone for a few days and I won’t fall behind.  Also the time commitment is WAY less, so I feel motivation to check my garrison almost daily.  Garrisons allow me to do more with my playtime because I spend less time completing chores.  I will definitely agree that garrisons aren’t perfect (cough cough professions cough), but they are a much more enjoyable form of content.  And if they are more enjoyable, they are more lasting.

As a dps facing long queues, I do miss the quickness of scenarios.  Dungeons are about an hours wait and raids can be even longer.  But the number and variety of instances are something I would not give up.  With the added bonus of Inn quests, dungeons are unique and challenging (less so than the start because of raiding gear, but not a snoozefest).  The only dungeon I dislike is Everbloom, not because of mechanics or boss fights, but because I find the story really creepy.  My experience raiding has been limited thus far, but I have found Highmaul to be an entertaining raid.  Molten Core though, that can die in a fire.

I think the biggest problem is there are no dailies with reputations locked behind them.  I think dailies were a bigger amount of content than people realized, and without them it can seem like there is very little to do.  I have yet to run out of things to do, so personally I think this expansion is better for it.

In the PvP field, let me just say that I think its the best thing that Blizzard could have done.  I, I of all people have began seriously getting into PvP.  For realsies.  I’m saying this with a straight face.  I absolutely love Ashran.  You can go get the bad guys in a massive brawl or go off and do side quests or just collect artifact fragments.  Almost any playstyle still supports your team so you can pretty much do whatever you want.  Plus, the gear that drops both in Ashran and from battlegrounds is a huge incentive to go out and PvP.  I love that stunned till death is no longer the fate of noobs like me, and that even as an undergeared boomkin, I can still help my team.

I might be the only person to think this, but I really do love the Southshore Anniversary Battleground.  Not for nostalgia’s sake (I actually never participated in the original incarnation) but because it was an awesome free for all brawl with no objectives other than destroying the enemy.  I haven’t dabbled into any rated PvP, but the non rated PvP I have done thus far has been awesome.  My only wish is that Ashran didn’t have super long queues.

If you can’t tell, I’m totally enamored with this expansion.  I’m discovering new passions and enjoying every minute of my playtime.  The content we have is just fine in my mind!

Yotaan: I will admit that I have not played as much as Fussypants in this expansion.  This isn’t for a lack or interest, but rather a lack of time.  I have a confession too…
I haven’t leveled Yotaan beyond Shadowmoon Valley.
I actually spent most of my time playing on my Forsaken Rogue and got him to level 100.  I’ve missed the Horde it seems.

As for endgame PVE, my experience has been very limited, With the rogue I reached level cap in Spires of Arak and then went into PVP.  I didn’t even go into Nagrand, my idea being that I will save it for Yotaan to experience it fresh.  So, while I have done a bunch of Garrison stuff (and boy was I lucky with followers – most of them were epic right from the start), I haven’t done any dungeons or raids.  I’m not even sure if I want to, at least on this toon.

On the other hand, I have always enjoyed PVP and never had a max level rogue in it.  Ashran is very good but has been a challenge.  It is not friendly to squishy melee, particularly in those big brawls.  I can see why Fussypants likes it, shooting her moonbeams in the back!  I’ve tried the anniversary PVP BG as well, but they have been poor groups, we lost every time.  Once I learn my rogue better, I will be able to help more.

There is definitely plenty to do in the endgame.  I don’t miss dailies at all, but now I don’t understand the point of reputations either.  Plus, there are more zones to open down the road, so I do think there is plenty to do now and in the future.

Just Warlords Things

#justwarlordthings spikes
I will be the first to admit; I was not super excited about anything in particular in WoD.  I was looking forward to getting out of SoO more than getting into any new content that was coming.  Honestly, I thought WoD would be boring both story and content-wise.  I will also be the first to admit I was completely and utterly wrong.

WoD has completely blown me away.  It’s probably the best WoW expansion I’ve ever experienced.  And I believe this is due to three aspects that hit the nail on the head.

Ding!(Side note: Yes, I have hit 100! I have only done alliance side questing thus far, and have completed Shadowmoon Valley, Gorgrond, and Talador, and am about halfway through Spires of Arak.  I will be finishing Spires and going on to Nagrand to finish the stories!)

The first aspect that nailed it is questing.  Never before has the questing be as immersive as it is now.  The cutscenes combined with some fantastic writing has made questing the star of the show.  I stayed in zones long after I had outleveled them, just to experience the story.

My favorite zone so far has been Shadowmoon Valley.  The overall story built up very well, and the final cutscenes and the attack on Karabor were very impressive.  Yrel is now my favorite character of all times.  But the thing that really made the zone for me were all the side quests.  The one with the podlings was both horrifying and enthralling; it was like watching a car crash.  The botani area was really pretty… until I found the pile of dead bodies in the middle of their sparkly pool.  That was properly chilling, and the area felt much more constricted and closed off (very effective storytelling!).

I know I made fun of Blizzard for overusing this word, but Draenor really is savage.  I was afraid to let any NPCs out of my sight, lest they get killed from some dangerous enemy.  Whenever I had to go find an NPC, I always assumed they would be dead or injured.  All the zones felt dangerous- not game-playwise, but lorewise.  Like if I weren’t an adventurer, I would be dead by now.



I think the best (and by best, I mean most horrifying and stomach churning) quest chain was in Gorgrond.  You are sent to the Crimson Fen to check on one of the Rangari groups who hasn’t checked back in a while.  Upon arriving, you find that all but the leader are dead or missing.  What follows is the most awful but fascinating quest line I’ve ever done.  Basically, you watch as the Rangari captain slowly gets infested and taken over by the fungus of the Crimson Fen.  And the worst part is, you are actually helping him get infested by following his orders.  The atmosphere of the area (a dim but foggy orange underneath huge mushrooms) and the quest text made all the difference.  When I finished that chain, I actually had to take a break from the game for half an hour.  It was just so CREEPY!  Gave me the chills! Very, very well done!

The second aspect that is making WoD such a great experience is, surprisingly enough, garrisons! I know when this was first announced I had no interest in them whatsoever, but I’ve really come to love them.  The amount of customization as well as all the little details (Ray D. Tears and Pepe comes to mind) make it really feel like my own thing.  Plus, everyone calling me Commander certainly helps!

My only grip is that I have all these level 100 follower missions, and only two level 100 followers.  This means that I have a lot of missions sitting in my backlog.  I’m hoping they do not get deleted, because I really want to send people out on them!

The last aspect that I love about WoD are all the treasures and details in the world.  Finding purple items or downing rares is a very satisfying experience.  Also, it really gives a player the incentive to go out and actually look at the world.  Go to the end of that cave instead of looping around the front.  Go inside and look at those orcish huts, there could be treasure.

Basically, this expansion has been the perfect melding of lore, exploration, and solo content.  Everything I loved about MoP has been increased by a thousand!  I can’t wait to finish all the quests, and run it again on horde side!

Addendum: Yup, I leveled up entirely as a shockadin (as per the vote) and I found could do acceptable damage to mobs.  I’ve also done a bit of healing in dungeons, but nothing above normal levels.  What I’ve done so far has been pretty hard but I know my gear isn’t great, so it’s too early to make any judgements.  And nope, haven’t stepped into the new Molten Core or the new battleground yet!

Garrison Sweet Garrison

Image Source: World of Warcraft Official Game Site

Image Source: World of Warcraft Official Game Site

Fussypants: They will be the new big thing, a massive part of Warlords of Draenor.  They will allow you to get mats way faster than ever before, like the Farm on steroids.  And I have no interest in them what so ever.

Garrisons, from what I understand will be a throwback of sorts to the original Warcraft RTS’s.  You will be able to build your own fortress, and collect minions to work on that fortress.  Garrisons will supply you will numerous crafting mats, and ‘hours of entertainment’.  Except, this doesn’t sound like ‘hours of entertainment’ to me.

I have three main issues with the idea of garrisons.  The first of those being that it will either become too valuable or not worth the effort.  I can see the garrison becoming such a strong producer of mats that it becomes the only viable way to work on professions.  Which is not fun at all – I don’t want to be forced to micro-manage my own little fortress just to make a pair of pants in tailoring.

On the other hand, I can also see the garrison being a very weak producer of mats, which may make it not even worth the effort to maintain.  For example, if an hour of garrison gets you one stack of herbs, that’s way less herbs than you would get by farming the old-fashioned way in the same amount of time.  If it’s not even worth the effort, then very few people will maintain a garrison as well.

The second reason why I don’t like the concept of garrisons, is because I didn’t particularly like the farm.  Truth be told, I’ve only planted things five or six times ever.  That whole idea of micro-managing a fortress is boring to me.  The idea sound like a modified Clash of Clans (something I do not play) instead of Sim City (something I do play), and I would want it to be Sim City – like if I were to micro-manage it.

The last reason is because it sounds like a lot of grinding.  You will have to spend a lot of time (its inevitable) to upgrade your garrison and outfit it to the max.  I know me, and I’d rather be raiding than working on my garrison.  I have a limited playtime, and I would rather do something that has an instant pay off than something that takes time to get that pay off.

The idea of garrisons does not interest me at all.  The rates of production, micro-managing aspect, and time sink that it currently is being described as does not attract me at all.  However, WoD is still in alpha.  I have the feeling that Garrisons will be changed a lot before they are officially released.  As it stands, I currently have no interest in them, but I will try to keep an open mind.

Image from WoW official site

Image Source: World of Warcraft Official Game Site

Yotaan:  I have two minds about Garrisons.  They could be interesting, or a massive time-sink.  First, some background of my play is in order.  I played Clash of Clans for about 10 minutes total, I didn’t find it engaging and, frankly, it seemed like a lot of work.  So will that be the same for garrisons?

As for WoW, some history – When the Farm came out for Mists, I really wasn’t that interested overall.  I did several of the Tiller quests as I leveled thorough the zone and the farm was halfway along.  No big whoop.  However, at max level, Yotaan found himself tilling soil and planting seeds.  Turns out that you can “grow” several mats at the Farm.  Initially my toon needed Songs of Harmony for crafting a better chestpiece, and I think it was Yotaan’s first purple.  Then, I needed a lot leather for getting more leatherworking recipes by doing the daily cool downs and finally, we needed a lot of ore, so Yotaan grew that.  Somewhere in there Yotaan grew the special herbs too.  I advanced the farm just enough to make it easy to grow the mats.  Never went beyond that.  No “inn” or mailbox.  Now, the fields lie fallow.

I do want to say that the Farm did help all of our toons to advance, particularly for the legendary cape, as you need a ton of trillium for a turn in part way thorough. While the Garrison feature will have mats production, I hoping there are more engaging aspects to it.  I am not so excited about the “mini-game” aspect to it like Fussypants.  The current mini-game, the pet battles, does not interest me (although that could be that was I old when Pokemon came out…)  Likely, you will only access the mini-game aspect in Warlords, and I will want to play warlords then!

Now, if I was the boss of Blizzard I would make the Garrison account-bound.  It would have to be split along factions, of course.   But I would love to play Yotaan in the Garrison, knowing that it would not only help Yotaan, but Fussy and all the other alts.  How cool would it be if you have more than one character in the same Garrison at the same time!  The mini-game would interest me so much more if we could concentrate all of our toon’s efforts into one Garrison that would help all of our toons – that would do it for me!

Supporting an Army (of alts)

Image Source: World of Warcraft Official Game Site

Image Source: World of Warcraft Official Game Site

When thinking about the upcoming expansion, Warlords, my thoughts turned to my and Fussypants’s stable of toons.  We have a lot!  Now most of them are low to medium levels, but several are 90’s.   They are of a few different classes. More importantly, we have nearly every profession covered, and they are all max level. Only blacksmithing lags behind, but that’s mainly due to time. I’ll get that one up to max level as well.

So why all this alt talk?  I am hoping that Blizzard will not only make the new expansion alt friendly, but also encourage synergy between the alts.  We are starting to see that a little already. Heirlooms were the first step. They were designed from the beginning to encourage players to make more toons alongside their main.  Heirlooms also were designed to be shared amongst the alts as well, being account-bound.  Account-bound items were a brand new idea and, I think, the first step by Blizzard to promote synergy between alts.

Now, most players with alts, if they have any interest in professions, will have different profs for different toons.  This has been the case for a long time, long before the introduction of heirlooms.  For us, Fussypants can make the flasks for the alts and Yotaan can produce the leatherworking leg enchants.   Blizzard began to make this even easier when they introduced immediate mail delivery between characters in the same account.   Without needing a guild, our toons can farm or produce many different kinds of items and nearly instantly mail them to the other toons in our account.   So now we have another kind of synergy.

Blizzard needs to take this to the next level.  Since they are encouraging the playing of alts and providing ways for them to synergize, Blizzard ought to do more.  I think a potential place to do that is with Garrisons.  We don’t have much information on this feature.  Unfortunately, the way it sounds now indicates that it won’t be alt friendly. Every toon would have their own garrison.  The garrison will be able, like the current farm in Pandaria, to produce some basic mats. I don’t like this.  Wouldn’t it be better if each account had one garrison that all your toons could access?   The garrison could have all the options that have been proposed even.  Then, of course, Blizzard could expand on it.  How about a “stash” as in Diablo III, where prof mats and items could be stored and easily accessed by all account toons?   Or prof items that need two professions to make them?   There are so many possibilities…

So, what do you think?   Should Blizzard expand this idea and promote more synergy between alts?  Would Garrisons be the answer?

This article was written entirely by Yotaan.