Leveling Guide: Legion Invasions

I died taking this screenshot, TALENT!

Taking a step away from Blizzcon news for a bit here to talk about something that I’m sure is not far from all of our minds right now: Leveling! With the news of a different questing experiences for Horde and Alliance, now’s as good a time as ever to dust off that forgotten Horde alt or abandoned Alliance toon.

(Or, if you want, you could wait until 7.3.5 for the changes to leveling zones, but now’s a good time too!)

I don’t know about you guys, but after about four times through, Legion questing zones got pretty stale. There’s only so many times you can save Azuna or watch Y’sera fall before the impact just isn’t the same. Luckily, Blizzard introduced a handy new mechanic to get your toons to 110. Invasions!
No… not those invasions, these invasions!

Thanks to these occasional Legion incursions, I’ve leveled up five characters to max with a sixth and seventh well on their way! Since I’ve gotten this style of leveling pretty much down to a science, I figured I could throw together a little guide to potentially help out others!

Legion Invasion Leveling

You will need:

  • A toon 100 or above
    • (If you’re feeling particularly brave, you can actually start doing Invasions as early as level 98, but since the mobs do not scale lower than 100, this can prove difficult for some classes.)
  • The ability to log on at the sometimes oddly timed Invasions

How does it work?

Legion Invasions pop up in one of the leveling zones of Legion roughly every 12 hours. That can mean they’re up at peak playtime on a Friday night or up at three in the morning on a Tuesday – it’s all up to how the clock ticks down. I use https://wow.gameinfo.io/invasions to track when the next invasions are coming up.

Just like an invasion at max level, leveling invasions have a variety of world quests with a variety of rewards. The world quests themselves are actually the same ones that come up for max leveled toons, it’s just the reward that has been changed. Some reward Order Hall Resources, others AP, and the most attractive ones give extra XP (every invasion rewards a base amount of XP). This, like all things, is up to RNG. Sometimes you’ll get an invasion with a bunch of XP world quests and other times, there will be just one lonely XP mission, but in either case, the invasion is still more time efficient than all other forms of leveling.

Depending on how good your RNG luck is, each invasion can give you between two thirds to well over one level each. I’ll say that again: each invasion gives you between two thirds to well over one level each. That is a metric ton of experience points! Effectively, you’re going to go up a level every invasion (with the way XP typically ends up working out).

If you do an invasion all by yourself, taking out every world quest solo, the whole process will probably take between half an hour to forty five minutes. (I made the mistake early in my leveling process of doing this.) However, you do not have to go alone! A quick search of the Group Finder menu will yield dozens up on dozens of groups for each invasion world quest. Simply fly over to the world quest area, join one of those, and you’re golden! Depending on how solid your groups are, you could be done with the entire invasion in as little as twenty minutes!

One word of warning though, before you go plunging off to level all your alts – you will be squishy. Leveling via invasions doesn’t really give much in the way of gear, so odds are, you will hit 110 in the same 100 gear you stepped onto the Broken Isles with. It is totally doable, especially with the added protection that Group Finder groups offer, but definitely be aware! (EDIT: If you’re not cheap like me, you can buy the heirloom upgrade tokens and completely circumvent this issue.  Thank you Vall for reminding me of this! <3)

And voila! I don’t know if Legion invasions will remain after the expansion is over, but for the time being, they are the most time effective way to get from 100-110. Hopefully this post has provided you with some previously unknown tips. And if you happen to know a trick that I didn’t mention, definitely put it in the comments.

Happy leveling!

Leveling Guide: Detention Block Rush

(Continuing with the theme of leveling dungeons)
Today I learned a new trick.  You would think, that as an 8 year veteran of the game, I would have learned all there is to learn about this game, know it inside and out, and have discovered all it’s secrets.  You would be thinking incorrectly.  In fact, I only discovered the true use of alt-tab a few months ago (true story, the raid thought it was hilarious).

And today, I’ve learned yet another new trick.

Setting the scene
So you’ve reached the dreaded level 47.  You know Blackrock Depths will soon be looming in your dungeon queues.  Over and over, you’ll be forced to run that long and tedious instance.  But what if I told you… there was another option?

I call it the “Detention Block Rush”.

You will need
A toon in the level range between 47 and 57
A group that will listen to your advice (or a pre-made one)

Detention Block Rush: How does it work?

Guide all together
In order to use this trick, you must queue up only for the instance Blackrock Depths: Detention Block.  It should become available to queue at level 47 and phases out at level 57.  I guess you can queue for random and only use this trick when the dungeon happens to pop, but trust me, it’s  a lot more XP a lot quicker if you solely queue up for this dungeon.

Once inside the instance, you and your group need to take the Dark Iron Mole Machine directly to your right.  Select the option “Just past the Grim Guzzler”.  Then, jump down over the railing to the walkway leading to the fire elemental boss, Lord Incendius.

Go ahead and take down the elemental, do a complete 180, and start working your way back through that door way and the adds that lie beyond.  Take down a couple of packs of mobs and you will find yourself fighting Fineous Darkvire.  If you notice, Darkvire is the last boss in this wing of the dungeon. Once you kill him, you get a nice chunk of XP and the instance is over.  And this took you, what, 5 minutes?

That’s right.  You’ve just skipped 20+ minutes of trash and unnecessary bosses.


You’re welcome.



Tips and Tricks for the Bold and Brave
If you get into a particularly strong group, your tank can chain pull everything from Lord Incendius all the way up to Fineous.  It’ll take a good amount of tank and healer cooldowns and some coordination but it’s perfectly doable.  If your tank pulls quickly, this method can reduce the run to only 2 minutes.

If you get an even stronger group, there is a third option that you can take.  Once you take the mole machine down near the Grim Guzzler, have the tank target one of the adds in the pack that is across the divide.  Throw any sort of ability at them (Taunt, Faerie Fire, some other ranged pull) as you jump over the edge.  And then brace for impact!

Guide 4The mobs you have targeted will run all the way down, dragging Fineous and a large pack of mobs with them.  Grab Lord Incendius real fast, get to the doorway, and start AoEing! Once the dust has settled, the two bosses will both be down and the entire instance will be complete.

This option requires a very strong tank and heals because the damage from all those mobs can be very intense.  But again, if your healer and tank coordinate you will have no problems handling all the mobs.  This method further reduces the run to a whopping 1 minute.  One minute for two boss kills and a large chunk of XP for completing the wing? I’d take it!

So there you have it! Pants’ super fast leveling trick!  With good groups and fast queues, you can speed from level 47 to level 57 in under an hour.  Happy rushing!

(Note: Special thanks to Zanima for protecting my low leveling bear butt!)