Ayayron Wave

Back before Fussypants was a “serious raider”, before this blog was even an idea, Yotaan was Yotin, a troll shaman on a pvp server.  I had always played Horde and had no interest in the Alliance.  However, Fussypants convinced me to change factions, so I left the Horde behind.

Then, Fussypant’s leveled a Horde priest and raided on her.  That when she got “Ahead of the Curve.”  Wait, what happened to this Alliance thing?

So, back to the Horde!  I rolled a Forsaken Rogue, loaded him up with heirlooms, and unleashed him on Azeroth.  Did a little BG’s, some questing (got Rhea’s last egg – everyone ought to try that quest line a least once), and a bunch of instances.  After a few weeks, he was up to level 60.  Along the way he dabbled in mining and engineering.


Since Fussypants and Yotaan play together, we have 2 accounts.  Time for the digital upgrade for Warlords and the boost to 90 for the rogue on one of the accounts.  The process was pretty simple to do on the character screen and, then, lo and behold, the rogue dinged 90.

While I knew the profs were being boosted to max level as well, I didn’t know about the gear and the embersilk bags!  The gear looked nice, a possible transmog option actually.  However, it was immediately replaced (except for trinkets and daggers) with timeless pieces as Fussypants had a massive stockpile of them.  All the old gear and ‘looms were in the mailbox, and most went into the bank.

So far so good.

Next up were the Warlords introductory quests – I started the sequence, then realized that I was going to wait for Fussypant’s belf to help.  She had found out that the boosted characters were having a tough time with the introductory quests  and she wanted to help me.  Nuts, now I had unanticipated free time.  Now, with the boost, a majority of the abilities were gone.   Just a few basic ones were there.  The notion, I suppose, was to learn the abilities as you move along the quests, learning as you go.  The quest I had, when completed, was going to provide more abilities.  Back to the free time – the rogue checked out the Darkmoon Faire.  There are some updates and changes to the Faire that I wanted to see.  During that time I did one of the engineering quests to get tickets and Bam, new abilities were learned too!  Not exactly anticipated but fun nevertheless.

Finally, Fussypants was available and helped the rogue through the quests, which was great because it was actually a bit difficult to complete the quests without all the abilities available.  I am not sure if I could have completed some of them.  Honestly, that is good, because a challenge is always more fun.  Foreshadowing of Draenor perhaps?  At end, all the abilities were dumped in my bars, now they are a complete mess that needs straightening out.

The only thing left to do (I think) is to practice pickpocketing the named mobs.  There is a flavor thing for rogues that you can summon Griftah to fence your stolen goods.  I have to do that!

See you in Draenor (but you won’t see my rogue, until it’s too late…)


This article was written entirely by Yotaan.

Blizzard giveth, and Blizzard taketh away


While skimming the list of things that will be removed upon 6.0, I was struck by how much would be gone come patch day.  Ahead of the Curve SoO obviously, but something’s, like the Challenge Mode Transmog Armor?  Why take content away, when leaving it will have no negative repercussions?

An article by Tastes like Battle Chicken made me rethink my opinion.  Ambermist talks more about the raiding and PvP achievements being removed, but her premise still applies.  She explains eloquently why we shouldn’t feel entitled to achievements (I totally recommend checking out her post; it is a thought provoking and well written article).

Do I feel entitled to achievements? Well yes and no.  I agree with Ambermist’s premise, but I think the issue is more complex than a sense of entitlement.

Ambermist defines an achievement as “a thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage, or skill.”  That’s a great definition for the word achievement, but I don’t think it quite fits with what a WoW achievement is.  A WoW achievement can be more or less than that.  Definitely, for the heroic raiding, and the pvp, that fits.  But for things like The Old Gnome and the Sea I don’t really think that definition applies.

I would define WoW achievements as like collecting Pokémon cards.  Some are rare or hard to get.  And some are like Pikachu, incredibly common and easy to get.

On top of this, achievements don’t really tell the whole tale.  Some really hard to get achievements you can stumble on to, while other take you weeks and weeks and weeks.  I’ve gotten some rare kill achievements by blind luck, but have spent almost 2 months now trying to get Ahead of the Curve for normal SoO.  The effort required for every achievement differs, which is what makes this question so hard to answer.

Do I feel entitled to achievements? On one hand, not at all! I have a chance at getting some of them, but that’s it.  I’m not owed anything, and my own satisfaction should suffice as my own reward.  But on the other hand, I do feel entitled to some achievements.  I want that Normal Garrosh kill.  I’ve invested hours on it, wiped countless times, joined multiple groups. So at this point yes, I do feel a bit entitled to it.  I’ve put the work and sweat into it, now I want to reap the rewards.

But at the same time, I know that if I don’t get that Normal Garrosh kill by next Tuesday, then it’s over.  I don’t deserve to get more chances at it; I’ve had just as long as anyone else.  I understand that it wouldn’t be fair for people to, several expansions later, get that achievement after so many people broke their backs on it when it was current.  I understand this.

On the achievement front, I understand both sides of the argument, and can sympathize with either.

But, do we consider content the same as achievements?  Achievements is just a name with a time stamp on it, but actual content is slightly different.  After the AotC achievement goes away, the raid will still be there.  Yes, the mount and the title will disappear, but everything else will stay the same.  So what about Challenge Modes?  The entirety of those Challenge Modes are leaving; the dungeons, the gear, the mounts, the titles, the achievements, everything.  Or the treasure room on the Isle of Thunder?  Does the same rules apply?

I think not.  Achievements and titles, yes, should go away.  But the content itself should stay.  The treasure room should stay, but just have its money amount reduced slightly.  Challenge Modes and the gear should stay, but only be attemptable at level 90 (similar to the Herald of the Titans Achievement).  Taking away content for the sole purpose of making those who got it seem special is silly. And a waste of resources.

Getting achievements can feel like an accomplishment, and that sense of accomplishment is often increased by the unavailability of that achievement later.  But content does not and should not follow that rule.  Achievements can only be completed one way; the way described by the achievement itself.  But content can be completed in any way one would like, the normal way, the blow-through-everything-because-I-outlevel-this way, the I’m-going-to-take-off-my-armor-to-make-this-difficult way, any way you’d like.  And removing the content entirely is foolish and unfair.  Achievements can be the special snowflake ‘I did this when it was hard’ thing, but content should be completely by anyone at any time.

And one last thought: Does an achievement really portray the ‘accomplishment’? Or just the numbers?

But seriously though, gimme that AotC!

Legendaries, Keys, and other Odds and Ends

Third Legendary
First things first, I got my third legendary.

I swear I’ll stop! This is the last one!!

Anyways, I got the DPS cloak for my disc priest (she is also shadow) since I make extensive use of Atonement healing.  I have no plans at the current to buy the healer cloak, but if my heals start to really suffer, then I might pop the 8k gold for the healer cloak as well.

On another, semi related note, I have a quest! My quest, which I chose to accept, is to get the Ahead of the Curve achievement and down all of Normal SoO before 6.0 drops.  I’ve been trying all my avenues, but most have fallen through.  So now I turn to you all.  Does anyone need a healer or dps, horde or alliance to cover for one of your normal SoO raids? My ilvls are between 544 to 553 and I know all these classes like the back of my hand, so you wouldn’t have to carry me (too) much.  Please get in contact with me if you need me to fill in, or if you are willing to bring me along!

Now I know none of you really care about this, what you want to hear about is the beta key we are handing out.

Which is why I’m now going to give a lengthy article about the lack of dailies in WoD, and what that will mean for reputation gains.
Naw, I’m just messing with you all.

So as you all know, Yotaan and I have a beta key to give away.  I’ve spent the past week wracking my brains, trying to think of a fun but fair contest to give it away.  I’ve come up with two options, but I’m not completely happy with either.

The first would be a scavenger hunt of sorts.  I would hide some sort of riddle within this blog, in one of the older articles.  I would give you a clue to which article, and then the riddle would lead to another article, and another, and another, until you got to the last riddle.  Who ever replies in the comments of that article with the correct answer first would get the key (if you haven’t yet been approved for commenting, don’t worry I’ll pay attention to which comment comes first regardless of whether or not it’s approved).
Now, I don’t really like this one because it would be on a first come, first serve basis, and I know that many people won’t be free the moment this article drops.  To make it more fair, I guess I’d announce a couple of days ahead what time I’d post the article, so people would have a warning.  I like that this one is more of a thinking puzzle than a random drawing, but it’s a bit stacked against those in different timezones, and those who aren’t great at riddles.

The second idea I had, was borrowed from Kibler Bits‘ blog.  The idea was that I would host an in-game event, and the winner of that would get the key.  The event I wanted to try would be a race to the top of Ironforge.  Everyone would roll level one gnomes or dwarfs, so there would be no mounts or speed boosts (and if you do use one, you would be disqualified).  Then, at the same time and from the same spot, everyone would run up the mountain as fast as they can.  The first person to the top wins.
The problems with this idea are as numerous as the first one.  I am on US realms so any players from around the world would be unable to compete.  It would be even more tricky to plan with timezones, and many people may not be able to come because of the time.  While I don’t think any of you would cheat, that is still a risk, as well as interference from players outside of the race.  This challenge would be far more luck and WoW skill oriented, but with the pitfalls of timezones.

Instead of deciding by myself, I have decided to put this one up to you, the readers, and the beta keys hopefuls.  Which challenge would you rather do, or is more flexible for everyone involved?  And if you have any other ideas, by all means, put them in the comments! Voting will remain open until Friday.

Also, I was thinking of maybe providing a second and third place prize.  No, it wouldn’t be a beta key, but I was thinking of maybe doing a painting of their main toon (I dabble in some watercolor) or perhaps a Blizzard store pet of their choice.  But like the challenge itself, this one is up in the air.

Random Acts of Uberness: Shield ‘n’ Heal

RAOU Sniggit
When the well-loved column, Random Acts of Uberness on WoW Insider had to be retired, I decided to pick up where it left off and continue writing the column on my own blog! So, as promised, here is this week’s uber people!

Sniggit-Khaz-goroth US
So I was healing on my undergeared, kinda unskilled, new disc priest in a raid finder the other day.  I was doing SoO for the first time, trying so very hard not to be at the bottom of the meter.  I wasn’t actually doing that bad for a 505 ilvl, but my numbers still left much to be desired.  We run through the raid, and it’s a typical Monday afternoon LFR.  Many almost wipes, lots of 420 jokes, and much rage.  We get to the last boss (Sha of Pride), and one of the tanks, Sniggit-Khaz-goroth asks me to come on his side of the boss so that we can free people from the cages on this side of the room.  I oblige, but warn him in a whisper about my rather dismal healing.  Sniggit tells me not to worry, and we pull.  The fight starts off rather smoothly, me mostly shielding him and Atonement healing, all while freeing people from the prisons.  And, I’m third on the healing meters, so I am feeling pretty good  about myself.  
Then, BOOM! half the raid drops like flies, with the other half knocked down almost dead.  Frantically, I’m spamming all my cooldowns, in an attempt to keep everyone up.  In all of this craziness, I lose the tank I was healing, and run over to heal the other tank still alive.  A bunch of mobs begin to chase me, and I begin running again in an attempt not to die.  The other tank dies, but the first tank, Sniggit, has been battle rezzed!  I quickly shield him and Penance him, and he takes the mobs off of me.  I’m in the middle of a hard cast big heal when he dies again. “Oh no!” I’m thinking, as I have let him die twice now.  Miraculously, the few remaining dps get the very last of the boss’s health down, and we kill him with barely five raid members left alive.
But here comes the best part.  That tank, Sniggit, the one I’d let die twice, he whispered me again.  Sniggit congratulated me on my healing, and told me that I was the reason why we were able to pull it off!  I thanked him profusely, and he went on to say that my quick shield and heal allowed the mobs to be yanked on to him for long enough that the dps could bring the boss down.  Again I thanked him, and we parted ways.  So this random acts of uberness goes to Sniggit of Khaz’goroth for his incredibly friendly and helpful remarks to a new healer!  He certainly boosted my confidence, and I’m no longer as skeptical of my heals as I was before!  Thanks buddy!! (Elfster-Windrunner US)

Email me your tales of uberness at  Be sure to include the name and realm of the person(s) who were uber, as well as your own if you want to be credited. Hopefully, I will be able to post this every other Monday!  Until next time, be uber to each other!

A Tale of Two Auction Houses

Auction House
Fussypants:  The other day, I had an epiphany.  What if the horde and alliance auction houses on each server were combined into one super auction house per server? Would it be bad? Good?  I decided to sit down and write out all the pros, cons, and neutrals.


  • There would be a larger pool of items and merchants, causing prices to stabilize
  • There would be more items period, making it easier to obtain things
  • This means for your only, lonely alt on the outnumbered opposite faction would be able to gem and enchant just as easily as your other toons
  • Rare items may be up more often
  • Finding transmog greens would be easier
  • Possibly more sales due to increased amount of people


  • Prices may dip too low, and sellers will not be able to turn a profit
  • More competition
  • No more monopoly
  • There could possibly be faction animosity, and the two factions would not get along
  • When the economies combine, one factions economy may get worse
  • Initial time would be filled with fluctuations in availability and price


  • Supply and Demand would change (unpredictably)
  • Wealth distributed more evenly on both sides
  • Easier way to give money to opposite faction alts
  • No more neutral auction house (for it would be redundant)

Fussypants:  I am all for combining the auction houses.  This allows goods to be available to more buyers, and more sellers to post goods.  Supply and demand would be increased (probably close to equally), and this would bring in the outlier markets across the servers. The empty overpriced markets would be brought up to their cross faction’s market, and the overfull under-priced markets would dip down to their less successful opposite faction’s market.  This would also divide the number of total markets across all servers in half, making it easier to manage for Blizzard to manage them all.

The only drawback I see is the loss of total monopolies on some of the smaller markets.  But, a monopoly is only fun for those who control it, not for the buyers that need the monopolized goods.  Much like America did to the railroad barons, it is time for Blizzard to get rid of the auction houses monopolies.

Yotaan:  I am against combining the auction houses.  The current situation is not ideal, but this alternative is not better.  The factions rightfully are separated for a reason.  It would not make sense to combine the two sides.  While Fussypants’s suggestions may broaden the market, I do not think this is necessary.  Server merges have already accomplished this.  All those valid points have already happened.
Now, I do think the neutral auction house could be spiced up.  Perhaps combine the neutral action house and the black market auction house?  That would be interesting…

What do you, the readers, think?

Random Acts of Uberness: Cross Faction Relations

When the well-loved column, Random Acts of Uberness on WoW Insider had to be retired, I decided to pick up where it left off and continue writing the column on my own blog! So, as promised, here is this week’s uber people!

RAOU Caelum
Caelum-Windrunner US
I was on my level 89 druid in the Vale, waiting for a dungeon to pop.  As I usually do, I was rare hunting to pass the time (it’s really fun to try to down rares when you are under level and under powered).  I came across Ai-Ran the Shifting Cloud.  There was already a tauren paladin there, so I tried to tell him that I would help him down the rare using emotes (opposite factions, so no chat available).  He then emoted back that he would let me have the rare!  After double checking with him if that was what he wanted, I pulled and he helped me try to down the rare.  Unfortunately, we both died, and were unable to kill Ai-Ran (I think I was in resto spec, and he was a prot pally, so we had very little dps).  When we both rezzed, I emoted him to wait, and hoped on my horde alt.  Together, we burned the bugger down and went on our merry way.  I just want to thank Caelum-Windrunner for being such an awesome and friendly player! (Anonymous)

Email me your tales of uberness at  Be sure to include the name and realm of the person(s) who were uber, as well as your own if you want to be credited. Hopefully, I will be able to post this every other Monday!  Until next Monday, be uber to each other!

Roses are Red, Transmog is Cool

So, a little while ago, I discovered how to use the WoWhead model viewer to create transmog sets (and to think I’ve been on that site for years now, sigh).  I have since created quite a few transmogs for my characters and such, but nothing too serious.

Then I saw MoMar’s transmog contest, and I decided to try my hand!  The challenge was to created a transmog set for each of the colors of the rainbow, ROYGBIV.  February was the red challenge, so I whipped up this little set.  I’ve emailed it off, and am now anxiously waiting for the results!

Tell me what you think! Personally, I like it and would wear it, but I’m totally curious as to what other people think about it!

Head: Tourmaline Crown
Shoulders: Vengeful Gladiator’s Mooncloth Mantle
Chest: Crimson Silk Robes
Pants: Lucky Trousers ← could be any pants, because you can’t see them under a robe
Wrist: Vindicator’s Mooncloth Cuffs
Belt: Fire-Cord of the Magus
Hands: Gloves of Purchased Time
Boots: Replica Blood Guard’s Satin Walkers
Cloak: Cloak of Night
Weapon: Burnished Warden Staff

In case you were wondering, this set can only be used by priests, specifically horde priest.  And yes, the Lucky Trousers were thrown in for good luck 🙂