Atone for Atonement

Awesome Penace Screenshot

Ok, this is a pretty boss screenshot

So, I’ve gone and done it again!  I have fallen in love with another type of healing that will be invalidated come Warlords of Draenor.  This time though, it’s a different healing class.

It’s priests.

Discipline priests to be exact.  I decided to make the switch from holy to disc, and right away dove straight into healing LFRs.  I had some vague idea of spamming Smite, but other than that I was walking in blind.

I spent the first LFR frantically trying to switch between Atonement healing and normal healing.  Needless to say, I was a far last place in the healing meter, and was very disheartened.  But I rolled up my sleeves, and queued up for another.

This time, there was another disc priest in the raid, who obviously knew what they were doing.  I sent them a quick tell, asking how to disc priest properly.  They responded with “Spam Smite”.  I responded back, “lol”, but it turns out that they were serious.  This LFR, I tried to do as the other disc priest, and only spammed Smite, Penance, and Power Word: Solace.

And it made worlds of difference.  I was able to put out quite good dps (better than my similarly geared feral druid), and moved all the way up to second in healing.  When you just stick with one type of healing instead of attempting to juggle the two, disc’s numbers get much bigger and more consistent.

I have now been disc healing for about a week now (I know I am nowhere near pro at it) and I’ve really come to like it.  At my lower ilvl, I put out pretty good healing numbers, and a respectable amount of dps.

At low ilvls that is.  As I did more and more raids, I ran into a few heroic geared disc priests.  The heals they put out were formidable (but not crazy), but the damage, oh dang.  The few disc priests I healed with were eight or higher on the dps, pumping out above 100k. 100k.  That is crazy high.

And then there is the mana component.  I didn’t ever go oom- in fact, I didn’t even need to think about my mana at all!  The mana cost of my dps spell are so low that I could effectively spam them all day long.  And, these spells cost far less than the equivalent healing spells.  It was a win win situation, and probably too much of one.

So, I can see why Blizzard decided to nerf this ability. I wish they hadn’t nerfed it so hard, but I can totally see why they did so.  Atonement was far too powerful for its own good.  Even still, I will miss it.  Yes, it will become far less effective after the nerfs, and I expect than it’s popularity will decline.

Atonement appeals to me not because of the overpowered-ness (though that does help), but more the creative way of healing.  At this point, I have had experience with four different healing specs, and Atonement was one of the most unique.  I love the hybrid feeling of doing dps to heal (part of why I love Selfless Healer).  It requires a dps mindset,  mixed with a healers awareness, which is something I actually excel at.

And Atonement healing is fun.  There’s no other way to put it.  I love seeing those green numbers mixed in with the yellow ones.  I love that my Penance can heal anyone if I direct it at a mob, or do a big heal on a single ally.  I like the fact that I can be almost competitive with my dps, and that I don’t really have to worry too much about healing.  My dps will handle it.

So, it seems I’ve fallen in love with healing again.  I’ve been playing my healers far more than my dps classes, and am really enjoying it again.  My question to you is should I try Mistweaving or Restoration next?

Thank You!


Six months, forty posts, and 1,575 views later, and Growing Up In Azeroth is still here.  Not only that, we are here and thriving!  When Yotaan first proposed that he and I start a blog, I didn’t really think anyone would read it.  Maybe some friends and one or two family members, but really that was it.  And yet, here we are half a year later. Twenty different people follow us, and the bulk of them aren’t friends or family! Twenty different people (and probably more) think that our blog is worth reading.  And that means a lot to me, and to Yotaan.  I want to take this moment to give you guys our utmost appreciation for your continued readership.

So, in light of this astonishing success, Yotaan and I have decided to broaden our horizons.  We have expanded to Twitter, where we hope to connect more with other bloggers, and with you the readers. You can find us at @TheFussypants and @TheYotaan.  Feel free to follow or ask us questions (but we may not answer right away because I have school and my dad has work).

I want to thank you again, from the bottom of my heart for you guys reading and commenting on our blog.  You guys rock!

Teaching an Old Paladin New Tricks

Light of Dawn
So, the other day I decided to change my paladin’s Tier 3 talent.  Since the dawn of time (more like patch 5.1), I’ve been using Sacred Shield as my talent choice in that bracket.  I knew that SS was not the best choice for the kind of healing I do (mainly LFR and Flex) but stubbornness and laziness had kept it that way for several patches.  I decided, rather out of the blue, that I was going to switch to a different talent.
Eternal Flame was the HoT choice, and I really didn’t want to turn my pally into a druid.  So I went with Selfless Healer.
Oh my goodness was I missing out!
For those who don’t know, Selfless Healer causes your Judgements to do two big things: gain a Holy Power charge (the secondary resource of paladins) and it reduces the cast time and mana cost of your next Flash of Light, Divine Light, or Holy Radiance.  Selfless Healer can stack up to 3 times, and at three stacks the heals are instant cast for a super amount.
By weaving Judgement in with Holy Shock, Holy Prism, and Holy Radiance, I was able to pump out massive AoE heals, and I never dropped below 250k mana. I was an unstoppable juggernaut of healing powah!
All misgivings I had with the game play of holy paladins melted away in the radiance of Selfless Healer.  There’s a sort of snappyness that the talent gives you, a flexibility.  If there are any other holy pallies out their reading this, I highly, highly suggest giving SH a spin.
So, after that little slice of heaven, I started doing LFR again on my paladin.  I finally finished up with the Secrets part of the legendary questline, and am now well into Runestone territory.
Now, there is more to this story than the miracle of SH.

While doing all these LFRs, I started to use my healing cooldowns.

Yup, Fussypants, the healer who will save her cooldowns until the ends of the earth waiting for the perfect moment has started to use her cooldowns more than once in a fight.
It started innocently at first; I popped Avenging Wrath in an attempt to keep my self from dying from add aggro.  Then it got worse.  Soon I was using Divine Favor to try to eek out first place on the healing meters.  Then, I was using Guardian of Ancient Kings to intensify my tank healing.  Before I knew it, I was using those cooldowns, almost to the second of refresh.
I blame my druid, and her carefree use of Tranquility and Incarnation: Tree of Life.
But in all seriousness, I have become a much better paladin healer.  Now I am using my cooldowns on spike damage, and thanks to SH, I can spam Holy Radiance (with a sprinkling of Judgements) without nearly as much mana draining.  My numbers are improving (though my gear is not) and I am gaining better and better reflexes towards spike damage.
And most importantly, I am enjoying my paladin again.  I love the raw power I can pump out of my heals.  I love the ‘do damage to heal better’ aspect that is Selfless Healer.  I can hold my own against healers with much better gear, and have the most mana at the end of the fight.  I finally feel powerful.
So now, needless to say, I have fallen in love with my pally again.  The game play has become significantly faster and more engaging.  I absolutely love it.
Maybe this will even get me to switch out my useless Hand of Purity…?

Addendum: Sorry this was so pally focused; I know all of you don’t play pallies and this must seem dreadfully dull.  I’ll attempt to get other class specific posts up soon!

The Numbers Update

Fussypants:  As per you, the readers, and my own decision, I decided to get a meter.  After a bit of research, I settled on Skada.  It took some trouble shooting and forum perusing, but I got my first addon installed with little problem!

Oh man, is that thing gonna be addicting.  Already, I constantly glance at the numbers I’m doing as compared to the others in my group.  I’m gonna take commenter Jack’s advice, and hide it for raids.

I’m at 11/20 Secrets on my paladin, and burning out fast.  That may be pushed back to a later date, as I am loving my mage.

Oh also, it seems we have hit 1000 views.  Yay!


Yotaan:  So, some numbers, heh?   Well, Yotaan is 3 out of 12 Titan Runestones – a bit of progress on the legendary.  I have played since BC, 7 years of WoW.  Absolutely do I refuse to tell you my /played on Yotaan – that number would be frightening!

Fussypants:  Uh, numbers, lets see.  I’ve been playing for 6 years, since BC as well.  Um, there are 10 letters in the name Fussypants, and 6 in the name Yotaan.  I’ve seen my dad’s /played (*shudders*), and mine is less than a fifth of that.  Oh! The sum of all the dragonflights divided by the number of aspects that have gone crazy is… 2.5!