An Announcement about an Announcement for an Announcement

Waiting for WoD
For those who don’t already know, Blizzard has announced the day that they will announce the day that WoD drops.  Confused?  Just wait till August 14th and all will become clear.  Also, the Warlords cinematic is due to come out that day as well, so whoopie!  Mists of Pandaria is officially coming to a close.

Fussypants: MoP might be reaching it’s final hours, but I have a ton to do before the next expansion drops!  My druid and my priest both are working on the legendary cloak; my druid is at the Valor portion (ugh) and my priest is finishing up with Runestones.  I definitely think I’ll be able to get the priest’s cloak by WoD, but I’m not so sure about the druid’s.

On the tanking front, my warrior is sailing through Wrath right now, and totally enjoying the increased ease of tanking that comes with level 68-79.  I’ve been able to level her blacksmithing and mining as she goes, keeping it at or above her level.  Also, who knew how entertaining archaeology was?

I’ve created a bunch of transmog sets, so I’m thinking of going out to farm a bunch for all that soon.  Other than all this, I’ve just been doing what ever strikes my fancy.  I’m not really in much of a rush because most of this won’t matter come WoD.

Also, my release date prediction is October 28.  LET THIS BE SHOUTED FROM THE MOUNTAINS THAT FUSSYPANTS THINKS THE RELEASE DATE WILL BE OCTOBER 28! AND IF SHE IS WRONG, LET US MOCK HER INCESSANTLY… ok, maybe not that last part, but yeah, this is my guess.

Yotaan:  So, originally, I had big plans to get the legendary cloak on my worgen warlock.  But that turned out to be boring, even with the random Gaze of the Black Prince & Heart of the Valorous buffs.  Naturally, I created a new character and am leveling a forsaken rogue.  He is on the server that hosts the raid team Fussypant’s has been been blogging about.  I have to say it, low level rogues in heirlooms are OP.   They are glorious!

This whole transmog thing that Fussypants does makes no sense to me – seems like a lot work for pretty pixels….

Now to the important bit.  Fussypants is completely wrong, of course.  The release date is not important.  What is important is when patch 6.0 drops.  The pre-patch to WOD where everything changes, when the squish squishes us, when Mythic raiding arrives, when pre-patch events occur.  This will be when new stuff finally happens!

Pre-patch day is … September 9th!

Yotaan has spoken!

Drop mic.


So when do you all think the expansion will drop?