An Aggregation of Answers

Community effort
It seems there are a ton of blogger questionnaires going around right now.  Instead of answering them all individually (which would take a bunch of posts), Yotaan and Fussypants are going to answer them all right here, right now!

Cannot Be Tamed is reinventing itself as a source for information about all games, not just WoW.  In honor of this, Jasyla has created a questionnaire for all gamers to answer, as a way of discovering new bloggers. Her questions are below!

1)    When did you start playing video games?
Fussypants: When I was eight years old, after watching Yotaan play World of Warcraft for some time.
Yotaan:  Remember Battlezone?  Yep, I’m that old.
2)    What is the first game you remember playing?
Fussypants: World of Warcraft! My first memory of WoW was starting my draenei hunter Eightandgreat and exploring the world.  And fishing.  Lots of fishing.
Yotaan:  For home games, King’s Quest.  I distinctly remember having the worst time climbing the 3 screens of stairs to the clouds.  For video games not at home, my friends and I would spend entire Saturday afternoons at the video arcade, armed with pocketfuls of quarters.
3)    PC or Console?
Fussypants: PC all the way.  I can’t remember the last time I used the family Wii.
Yotaan:  Mac of course!
4)    XBox, PlayStation, or Wii?
Fussypants: Wii, because it’s the only one I’ve played on enough to judge.
Yotaan:  Where’s Atari?
5)    What’s the best game you’ve ever played?
Fussypants: Well, given as this whole blog is about it, I’d have to say World of Warcraft.
Yotaan: Yep, I agree with Fussypants, WoW.
6)   What’s the worst game you’ve ever played?
Fussypants: I haven’t played a game (yet) where I was just like ‘Wow, this sucks’.  But I guess Guild Wars 2.  I was gifted the game by a friend, played it for an hour, got bored and never went back.
Yotaan: Dragon’s Lair – the silly animated classic arcade game.
7)   Name a game that was popular/critically adored that you just didn’t like.
Fussypants: Angry Birds! I found that game irritating, annoying, and really dumb!  It was theoretically a game of physics and angles, but it would bug out so much, and they added so many different birds and crap that it was just foolish.
Yotaan:  Right now, it’s Threes – I just don’t get it.
 8)   Name a game that was poorly received that you really like.
Fussypants: I’m not sure on this one, but the newest Sim City? There was a lot of flack about the online aspect of the game (which I honestly didn’t care about) in the reviews, but not much on the game itself.  I enjoyed it tremendously though!
Yotaan: Sorry, can’t come up for answer for this.
9)    What are your favourite game genres?
Fussypants: MMORPGs and sandboxes all the way.
Yotaan: MMORPGs.
10)    Who is your favourite game protagonist?
Fussypants: Gee, this one is a hard one. I would say Jaina Proudmoore, but then she went all crazy and stuff.  Hrm, probably a tie between Wrathion and Moira Bronzebeard.  Hold on, scratch that! Bowser.
Yotaan:  Lady Sylvanas
11)    Describe your perfect video game.
Fussypants: Wow, this one deserves a post of its own! My perfect video game would have an epic and layered story that you would get to play through and change as you go.  There would be three faction vying for dominance, and a ton of other groups on the sidelines.  It would be sandbox-y, but not uncontrollably so.  For example, if someone killed one faction’s king (which would be hard to do) then someone else would become king.  It would be an MMORPG, and you would have to work together with other players to change the game world.
…In other words, nigh impossible!
Yotaan:  I like Fussypant’s game, I’d play that!
12)    What video game character do have you have a crush on?
Fussypants: Erm, well… given as that I’m a teenaged girl, its kinda obvious.  Anduin Wrynn. (*blushes*)
Yotaan:  Ha!  No way!
13)    What game has the best music?
Fussypants: World of Warcraft without a doubt, followed by Zelda.  I love the epic orchestral stuff that Russell Brower has been coming up with for WoW, and Zelda music is amazing too.  I could listen to that all day.
Yotaan:  I actually have WoW music and have listened to it.  Favorite is Grizzly Hills.
14)    Most memorable moment in a game:
Fussypants: Ok, this is a doozie!  I’ll pick three from three different games!
The first moment is pretty simple: Beating New Super Mario Bros for the first time.  I spent months working up to that final castle, when Bowser fell for the last time, it was a pretty awesome feeling.
The second moment is when I decided to make a city in Sim City with as much crime and pollution as I could.  I was doing this with a friend, and we were laughing our heads off at my feeble attempts to attract crime.  We ended up with a casino town with no police stations, completely polluted ground water (people were leaving left and right), and absolutely no crime what so ever.  Obviously, we were doing something wrong!
The last moment is from WoW.  I was in the Jade Temple instance leveling my mage.  No one else in the group knew the dungeon but me (it was early on into MoP).  But instead of charging in for an inevitable wipe, the group ask me for instructions.  So I gave a run down of every boss before we fought them, and gave advice on how to handle certain adds, and what to CC (remember, this was the beginning of MoP so this sort of stuff mattered).  We slowly but surely made our way through, everyone being patient with each other when we made mistakes.  It was the most supportive, most friendly, most positive group I think I’ve every had the pleasure of being in, in my entire LFG career!
Yotaan:  I have so many memories, from discovering games to trying out WoW.  My best memories are sharing game time with my kids.

Shot from the game. Still gives me the shivers!

Shot from the game. Still gives me the shivers!

15)   Scariest moment in a game:
Fussypants: Have you ever heard of the app game Limbo? Basically in the game, your this boy who is trying to save your little sister.  Only, you’ve gotta overcome obstacles in your way, and you have no powers other than jumping.  And a lot of times, if you fail to do so, you die pretty horribly. The entire game is in black and white, and the music is insanely creepy, making it a very atmospheric game.  The scariest moment was when I was trying to get beyond this giant spider, that when you got too near would stab you.  I had figured out how to trap it’s legs, and had trapped all of them.  Or so I thought.  So I ran up to the spider, expecting to be able to walk right by and continue on. SPLERCH! The spider’s eight leg shot through my avatar’s chest with this horrible noise, and I died.  It was just so sudden, and so terrifying that I actually screamed as it happened.  Needless to say, I have not played that game in a while.
Yotaan:  I first leveled on a PvP server in WoW.  I was in constant fear of ganking.  Scary but thrilling too.
 16)   Most heart-wrenching moment in a game:
Fussypants: Wrathgate from WoW.  To be that close to victory, and then fail due to a horrible betrayal is really upsetting, doubly so for how well made that cinematic was.
Yotaan:  I really can’t think of time that I had a heart wrenching moment.
 17)   What are your favourite websites/blogs about games?
Fussypants: I love WoW Insider for the great community and up to date information.  Also, WoWhead is a fantastic resource for pretty much all things WoW as well.  Then there are the numerous blogs I read.  Currently, I’m reading a ton from Lockandbolt, Gnomecore, and Blog of the Treat, though I do read countless more.
Yotaan:  I love to listen to podcasts, Convert to Raid, The Instance, and Angry Chicken.
 18)   What’s the last game you finished?
Fussypants: I generally play games that you can’t finish, so Kirby: Mass Attack was the last game I truly completed through and through.
Yotaan:  Plants Vs Zombies
 19)   What future releases are you most excited about?
Fussypants: Warlords of Draenor!!
Yotaan: WoD!
 20)   Do you identify as a gamer?
Fussypants: Absolutely.  In fact, I’m one of the few girls my age that do, so I’m the only ‘gamer gal’ at my school currently.
Yotaan:  Not as such, gaming is a part of my life.
 21)   Why do you play video games?
Fussypants:  For fun  mostly.  I love video games; they are entertaining, they can have great stories, they are fantastic time passers, and I meet fantastic people because of them.  Now, I also play video games so that I can write about them!
Yotaan:  For fun and as a distraction.


Over at Mr & Mrs WoW a plea has gone out to the community.  We need to stop the negativity that’s overshadowing the Warcraft community.  In order to achieve this, Mr & Mrs WoW have asked the community to list three things that we do in WoW that we love.  Yotaan and Fussypants blogged their answers below!

Fussypants: It’s no secret that I love raiding and healing, but for this I want to choose some more unusual and out of the ordinary things to do.  Without further ado, my list!
1) Anyone who has read blog has noticed the tab on the top saying RAOU.  This stands for Random Acts of Uberness.  Basically, I collect all the moments when someone I don’t even know does something awesome for me, without asking for a reward or anything. I’ve written quite a few posts on this, and have gotten some submissions from other people too!
But, as well as collecting when these moments have happened to me, I also love to do this to other people as well!  It’s the awesomest feeling to go up to a random stranger, and give them several Frostweave bags and a hundred or so gold.   Or take over and lead an LFR that’s falling apart.  Or compliment players that are especially helpful or good at their role. Every time I play, I try to hand out a RAOU to at least one person!
2) I’ve gotten to the point in my game play, that there’s not much more of the typical stuff that I want to try.  I’ve done raids to death, I’ve dungeoned, I’ve PvP’d, I’ve run old content, I’ve leveled every class I wanted to 90; there not much else to do.  So, I’ve taken to challenging myself in more unusual ways.  Things such as low-level PvP wearing only a Lovely Dress or healing dungeons as a feral druid are super fun ways to past the time.  My personal favorite it a game I play with my guild.  I call it the Portals Game.
So I will be on my mage, and I will create every portal that I can in one huge pile.  Then, I will pick a destination city.  My guildies will randomly click a portal from the pile.  If they find themselves in the destination city, I will give them 50g.  If not, they must pay me 5g.  It’s a great game to play at the end of a guild event, and it’s easy and funny!
3) I have three different healers, two ranged dps, and a kinda awful feral druid.  The one thing missing from that list was tank, and in response I rolled a protection warrior.  So, my last fun thing to do in WoW is try out new roles!  Tanking has been challenging, at times stressful, but completely new to me.  It’s like this little pocket of the game that I’d never touched before, and honestly it’s been a blast!  I tried out healing last expansion doldrums, and that soon became my favorite role, so trying new is always a good idea!

1)  I still love to PvP – I can’t wait until Ashran comes out, I think it will really enjoy it.
2) I really enjoy finding new things I haven’t seen before and WoW has so many nooks and crannies to explore.
3) I love playing with my daughter (and other kids too!)

Druid Healing
It’s the end of the expansion, and Gnomecore has some questions about Pandaria as we move on to Warlords of Draenor.
1. Is Pandaria worth replaying if you must level your alts here?
Fussypants: Yes, I definitely think so! I have the feeling that I will continue to discover things about the continent that I missed as I level characters through to get beyond it.  The music, zone atmosphere, and story of MoP is well crafted and interesting, and I really enjoyed questing through it four times over.  And if I was still interested and engaged alt number four, I will most likely stay the same for alts five, six, seven and beyond!
Yotaan:  Actually, I will probably treat Pandaria as I have with Cata, Northrend, and Outland.  Just passing through…

2. Compared to previous expansions, what place in the row will Pandaria take? And which expansion is best for leveling?
Fussypants: Pandaria is currently my favorite expansion.  I started raiding, started really healing, and met a ton of people this expansion, so I will probably be most nostalgic about this expansion.  That being said, I have no clue how Warlords will be, so WoD could possibly overtake Pandaria as my favorite, once all is said and done!
I think Wrath is the best for leveling because everyone is OP, so you blow through it very fast.  At the same time, the storylines are among my favorite, and the zones incredibly atmospheric.  Pandaria is a close second, only because it takes so much time.
Yotaan:  I think it will be my favorite, the scenery is amazing and the tone is not threatening overall.

3. Which Pandarian storylines you will do when you level up through it again? Which you definitely won’t?
Fussypants: I will definitely go through Kun-Lai Summit, if only for the Grummlepack.  I’ll also hit Krasarang Wilds and Townlong Steppes, since I didn’t quest either place very much.  I will definitely be avoiding most of the Jade Forest and the beginning parts of Valley of the Four Winds, because I have done both to death.  All in all though, the Pandaria quests have great replay value, so I wouldn’t mind doing them all again as I level 85-90.
Yotaan:  Sadly, I’ll probably just dungeon my way through…   I will be too eager for Warlords!

Yotaan and Fussypants would highly recommend taking part in all or any of these blog projects.  The WoW community is a fabulous lot, and we think everyone’s voice should be heard!

The WoD Live Premiere!

WoD Street DateAfter a long and action filled vacation, Yotaan and I have returned! Those of you who follow us on Twitter already know this, but Yotaan and I got a special treat on Thursday of our vacation.  It turns out, we were within driving distance of L.A. on August 14.  What was special about that day? Well, I’ll just point you to the image above.

Yes, Yotaan and I were able to go to the live cinematic showing for Warlords of Draenor! It was complete happenstance, and completely awesome!

The day we arrived at our vacation destination, Yotaan mentioned to me that we would be near LA on the 14th.  I had not connected the two events, until he explained to me what that meant.  We were in California and free to go to the WoD cinematic premiere live.  Suffice to say, I freaked out.  I begged Yotaan to take me, explaining how once in a life time this opportunity was.  I will probably never be able to go to BlizzCon for a number of reasons, so this was the closest I’d get to seeing something like this live.  Yotaan discussed this with my mom, and eventually said yes. We would be going to the Ace Theater on Thursday.

The week flew by until Wednesday night was upon us.  Yotaan and I mapped out the quickest route to the theater and got all prepared to go once we got up the next day.  Then bright and early Thursday morning, banana breakfast in hand, we were off.

WoD Line

This was the backside of the line that no one took pictures of but me

We arrived at the theater at about 6:30 in the morning, a full two hours before the doors opened.  But already, the line was MASSIVE.  It stretched all the way around the block so that we were on the backside of the building.  Apparently people had been camping out over night, and one dude had been there since the day before.

I went on a mission to walk the entire line, since we would be there for a bit.  I set out, Yotaan saving my spot, and hiked around the whole block.  It took me about ten minutes to get to the front and back while walking at a brisk pace. I saw people of all backgrounds, ethnicity, heights, genders, and ages as I walked around.  It was truly awe-inspiring to think that one video game, World of Warcraft, had brought them all together.  There were families all wearing WoW shirts and old people shouting ‘For the Horde!’ at all those around them.  There were clusters of young men all babbling excitedly about the game and one girl done up in fangs and face paint waving around a horde flag.

After walking to the front of the line, I quickly made my way back to my dad again.  We stood in line and chattered with the people around us for a bit.  I was checking my Twitter periodically, to see if I could meet up with any famous people (I actually saw Rygarius, but didn’t realize it was him until afterwards).
About half an hour passed, and I decided to head out again, this time in search for Olivia Grace to get a WoWhead bracelet.  I got halfway to the front when Yotaan called me frantically, telling me to run back to our spot.  I dashed back, and was given an orange bracelet with the WoD Warcraft logo on it.  At the time, we had no idea what the bracelet meant, but were stoked all the same.

Can anyone see this?

The Blizzard bracelet is above and the WoWhead one is below

The line moved up a few times, and then a woman with a British accent whipped around the corner, and asked the people behind us if they’d like a photograph.  I realized with a start, that she was Olivia Grace.  I dashed after her, and asked her (using the magic word) for a WoWhead bracelet.  She only had one left, which was the one she had on her wrist.  Ms. Grace didn’t skip a beat; she took the bracelet off her own wrist, and handed it to me! I thanked her heartily, and she again dashed off to do more Olivia Grace work.

It was now about 8:30, and the line was started to inch its’ way forward.  Yotaan and I didn’t know if we would get in or not, but the event had already been a fantastic success.  We turned one corner, and then another until we could see the front of the building. The Ace Theater entrance was ahead of us, and the hype was real.

There were some people at the side of the line, beta keys already in hand.  They told us that they had been too far back in the line to get in, so they were given beta keys and an apology, and had been asked to go.  I felt bad for them, but at the same time excited that we hadn’t been told that.  We could have a chance at getting in.  The line  moved up, and up, and up, until we were under the Ace Theater sign.  We showed the door dude our wristbands, and we were in!

According to the doorman’s conversation with another guy, we were in the 700s of the people allowed in.  But Yotaan and I believe that we were later than that, due to the ground floor being completely filled up and the balcony seats almost as well.  We quickly found seats, and settled down to wait.

WoD Theater

Our view from the balcony

First and foremost, the theater was beautiful.  Ornate stonework adorned every wall, and two gorgeous murals were painted on the sides.  The whole theater was cast in a ethereal blue light and down on the stage a huge screen blazed the Blizzard logo.  I’ve been to a few theaters in my day, but this one outshined them all.

For about half an hour, the crowd murmured with conversation, anticipation buzzing in the air.  Then, the lights changed to an orange-red, and Warcraft music began to play.  The crowd cheered and sat up, but the show was not set to start for another 10 minutes.

Ten minutes flew by, and a dude sauntered on stage.  The crowd went quiet, then roared, and the show was on!

Those of you watching the live stream know what went on, but I’ll provide a brief summary for those who weren’t.  There was an interview with Holinka and Hazzikostas with great information on Ashran and the pre-expansion event, and then a video detailing the game play of WoD.  After this, Metzen walks on, and introduces the Lords of War video.  That is also shown.  Finally, the cinematic starts.

As it begin, there is a tremendous cheer.  Shortly after, we fall silent, and watch.  The sound it booming through the theater, and everyone’s eyes are on the screen.  We watch enthralled until the very end, when the WoD logo is shown.  An even more tremendous cheer rings through the air, the release date is shown, and the event was over!



Yotaan and I slowly made our way out of the theater, flowing with the crowds.  Upon leaving, we got two epic posters, and two beta keys. And stay tuned, we might be giving that extra key away in the next week or so.

All in all, that was the most fantastic, video game filled, nerdy-licous, incredible morning I’ve ever had.  The whole thing was like a mini taste of Blizz Con.  It was fantastic to be surrounded by people who all played WoW and who all felt passionate about it.  The hype was real and the cinematic was so powerful and well done.  That event was EPIC!

WoD Cinematic Supposition

Created by the magnificent Scott Leyes

Created by the magnificent Scott Leyes

Since the cinematic for Warlords of Draenor isn’t due to come out till August 14, there’s still plenty of time to speculate on what it will contain.  Will it be a montage like BC? Will it contain a story line like Mists?  Will there be gnomes??  Inspired by an article on Wow Insider, I’ve decided to write up what I would like the Warlords cinematic to be.  And hey, after the cinematic’s done, I can go back to see just how close or far away I was.

The Dark Portal
It would start with a black screen, and some serious sounding voice speaking about old stories becoming new.  Then, the black would morph into the sky over the Blasted Lands, and the camera would pan down to that camp in front of the Dark Portal.  Guards and whatnot would be milling about, some playing cards, others napping, generally not paying attention.  The camera would stop with a view of the camp, and the Dark Portal as the background.

Suddenly, the Dark Portal would start swirling, and it’s color would change from green to red.  A gnome mage would notice, and she would start to stand up in confusion.  The screen would cut to only the portal, and it would finish swirling and changing.

Then a huge flaming boulder would shoot out of it, crashing into the middle of the camp.   Whatever music that was playing in the background would cut.  Now everyone’s eyes would be first on the boulder, and then on the portal.  People would be tensing and falling into almost battle positions.

With a tremendous roar, orcs would pour through the portal and begin attack.  A quick battle scene would go on, and then the camera would cut back to the gnome mage from before.  She would be casting a spell, and right as the orcs got close to her, she would vanish in a flash of arcane magic.

Now, the scene would change, and the proud towers of Stormwind would be shown.  There would be a brief clip of the gnome mage telling Varian about the attack, and Varian looking pissed.  The screen would again cut to another view, and this time it would be the various faction leaders with entourages charging across the Blasted Lands.  They would come to the Portal, and find the guards’ camp destroyed, but a few battered looking guards still lived.  These guards would point to the portal, and again the camera would focus on the now red portal.

Now the camera would focus on the steps in front of the portal, where Varian, Vol’jin, and the gnome would be standing (the other faction leaders would be behind them).  The gnome would slowly step through portal, and we would now see her in Draenor.

A massive amount of orcs, orc machinery, and an impressive fortress would dominate the landscape.  These orcs would notice the gnome right away, and would charge at her weapons raised. (The music would start building like crazy.)  She would raise her hand to cast a spell when the music would cut and…

Warlords of Draenor Logo!

(Yotaan thinks the cinematic would be the exact same except that it would be a troll mage.  And yes, said troll would still go to Stormwind to tell Varian.  Don’t ask.)

So what do you guys think the cinematic should be like?

Addendum: Yotaan and I are going on vacation, so we will be AFK for a little over a week.  See you when we get back!

An Announcement about an Announcement for an Announcement

Waiting for WoD
For those who don’t already know, Blizzard has announced the day that they will announce the day that WoD drops.  Confused?  Just wait till August 14th and all will become clear.  Also, the Warlords cinematic is due to come out that day as well, so whoopie!  Mists of Pandaria is officially coming to a close.

Fussypants: MoP might be reaching it’s final hours, but I have a ton to do before the next expansion drops!  My druid and my priest both are working on the legendary cloak; my druid is at the Valor portion (ugh) and my priest is finishing up with Runestones.  I definitely think I’ll be able to get the priest’s cloak by WoD, but I’m not so sure about the druid’s.

On the tanking front, my warrior is sailing through Wrath right now, and totally enjoying the increased ease of tanking that comes with level 68-79.  I’ve been able to level her blacksmithing and mining as she goes, keeping it at or above her level.  Also, who knew how entertaining archaeology was?

I’ve created a bunch of transmog sets, so I’m thinking of going out to farm a bunch for all that soon.  Other than all this, I’ve just been doing what ever strikes my fancy.  I’m not really in much of a rush because most of this won’t matter come WoD.

Also, my release date prediction is October 28.  LET THIS BE SHOUTED FROM THE MOUNTAINS THAT FUSSYPANTS THINKS THE RELEASE DATE WILL BE OCTOBER 28! AND IF SHE IS WRONG, LET US MOCK HER INCESSANTLY… ok, maybe not that last part, but yeah, this is my guess.

Yotaan:  So, originally, I had big plans to get the legendary cloak on my worgen warlock.  But that turned out to be boring, even with the random Gaze of the Black Prince & Heart of the Valorous buffs.  Naturally, I created a new character and am leveling a forsaken rogue.  He is on the server that hosts the raid team Fussypant’s has been been blogging about.  I have to say it, low level rogues in heirlooms are OP.   They are glorious!

This whole transmog thing that Fussypants does makes no sense to me – seems like a lot work for pretty pixels….

Now to the important bit.  Fussypants is completely wrong, of course.  The release date is not important.  What is important is when patch 6.0 drops.  The pre-patch to WOD where everything changes, when the squish squishes us, when Mythic raiding arrives, when pre-patch events occur.  This will be when new stuff finally happens!

Pre-patch day is … September 9th!

Yotaan has spoken!

Drop mic.


So when do you all think the expansion will drop?

To Beta or not to Beta part 2

A couple of months ago, Yotaan wrote  an article about whether or not he was going to participate in the WoD beta.  Originally I had agreed with all the points he made, and was not going to try the beta.

Then the beta was actually released.  And I’m having second thoughts.

On one hand, I want to avoid spoilers for story from WoD as much as possible.  I have this bad habit of reading the ends of books before I get to them just to read all the twists, and I don’t want to know the plot twists of WoD.  I try not to look at the new lore, new characters, or new zones too much as well, because I want the experience to be brand new when the game launches.

If I were to join the beta, it would be like me flipping to the back of the book but not reading the plot twists, just the other narrative stuff.  It would be very very hard not to spoil parts of the story for myself.

However, on the other hand I have been eagerly reading up on all the quality of life and mechanic changes.  Things such as the change to banks, reagent stacking, and especially character models interest me incredibly.

So lets say for a second that I’ve gotten into the beta.  My plan would be to test out the new models, and check out how said models have been implemented around Azeroth (not Draenor).  I would test the class changes and provide feedback.  I would write about the changes I experience in this blog. But the one thing I wouldn’t do, is actually go to Draenor.  Is that a good use of beta privileges?  Would that be a waste of testing? And most importantly, would I be spoiling WoD for myself?

This is my current conundrum, and so I turn to you, the readers.  What should I do? Opt into beta and play it, or let someone else use that pass?


Addendum: As you can see, we are back!  We should be updating the blog regularly now, so about 1-2 posts a week.  Also, you may notice some slight changes in the appearance of the blog.  What do you all think?

Flying From Cloud Nine


Flying.  The bane of Blizzard and the boon of players.  The game changer, and in some eyes, game wrecker.  Some see it as the best thing ever added to the game, while others think that flying is the death of WoW.  The issue of flying is one of many voices, many opinions, and many arguments.  And the changes in Warlords have done nothing but stir this stew of discontent.

The plan for Warlords of Draenor is to remove flying from the new content.  Not enable it at all.  And this change has made a lot of people angry.

Flying was, and still is a Pandora’s Box.  As many benefits as it offered, it also had many downsides.  And, like the Pandora’s Box, you can’t really get rid of flying without massive complaint.  Many people are attached to their flying mounts, and won’t give them up easily.  But is flying a horrible thing, or a wonderful thing?

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve read dozens of opinions on flying.  Some were well constructed arguments while others were angry rants (by the way, if you passive aggressively argue, I’m probably not going to agree with you, whatever side you are on.  Please say what you mean outright, don’t dance around it and hint at it).  But all voices were passionate.  After reading all that I could on the matter, and doing some in game research, I’ve come to my personal decision.

And it’s not the popular one.

I am of the mindset that no flying in WoD would be a good thing.  What is to follow is an in-depth analysis of why I chose the side I did.  I know a lot of people will disagree with me, and I am not at all trying to tell you your side is wrong.  I will simply attempt to give you another perspective.

I have been mining on my warrior, who was a measly level 46.  This meant that I was running through enemy zones, swimming alongside cliffs, and crossing continents to get where I needed to mine.  And I was doing it all on a ground mount.  Yes, I will definitely admit, it was slow.  It was very slow, and often deadly.  But it was a total adventure.

Have you ever swam up the river leading to the Western Plaguelands?  Or skirted the coast of Dustwallow Marsh to get to Tanaris?  Have you skulked by alliance troops in Loch Modan to get to the Badlands?  There is thrill in exploring, in running through the world to get somewhere.  There is a sense of excitement from discovering buildings or waterways or NPCs that you have never found before.  I learned so much about Azeroth and was able to appreciate all the work that went into it becoming a complete world just by traveling from zone to zone for mining.

And, the world seemed so much larger than it had before.  When you travel by foot, instead of soaring over obstacles, you really realize just how huge Azeroth is.  I felt like a total noob, and it was the most nostalgic I have ever felt for WoW (trust me, I remember BC and it wasn’t as great as people make it out to be).  This is going to sound ridiculous, but I had fun running on foot.

Now, I am absolutely aware that many people won’t feel the same way.  By ground? I’d rather wait till 60 and fly! Sure, it’s faster and far more efficient, but which would you rather be? Efficient or exploring? And that is the crux of the matter.

WoW has become so much of an efficiency test.  How fast can you get from point A to point B? How fast can you level from 1 to 90? How fast can you gear from questing gear to heroic SoO?  I hate to be the old geezer to say this, but slow down and smell the roses!  If you tear through everything so fast, how can you be sure you are experiencing everything? How can you know that you haven’t missed something important or interesting?

Players have become more and more obsessed with efficiency.  To a point, that is a legitimate desire, but only to a point.  At what level do we become too efficient for our own good?  I think that flying makes us too efficient for our own good, and specifically flying in current content.

In explanation, this means that I think it is too efficient to have flying in Draenor come WoD, but not Pandaria come WoD.  I think flying should only be disabled on the continent that is current.  So, Vanilla, BC, Wrath, Cataclysm, and soon to be Pandaria would have flying enabled, but Draenor would not.

Yes, this would make gathering ore and herbs and going from point A to point B slower.  But when it is current content, the ability to fly makes us too dang efficient.  For example, I can mine about two stacks of Ghost Iron Ore in about ten minutes on my flying mount.  Two stacks of Ghost Iron Ore would probably take closer to twenty minutes on my ground mount.  Thus, a character leveling in Pandaria has a large disadvantage to a maxed level character when it comes to mining (on top of not being able to one-shot mobs).

But in Warlords, this may not be the case.  The farming capabilities between a leveling character and maxed level character would be brought much closer.  As an added benefit, zones would look much more alive as max level characters would be on the ground instead of hovering far above.  World PvP would thrive again, and people might actually see more of the details in the world.

This has to change

This has to change

But before flying would be disabled, there is a few things that would need to change.  First of all, flight paths would actually have to take you directly to where you want to go, instead of meandering all around.  Secondly, all flying mounts would have to be able to be used on the ground (many changed by hovering above the ground), so that all of the dragons and whatnot we have collected could still be used.

Lastly, and most importantly, there will need to be more paths connected zones to zones.  More tunnels, bridges, and gates would have to interconnect the zones much better if we are to be forced to go on foot.  The mountains separating zones need to have at least two paths through.  Pandaria was particularly bad about this, so Draenor would have to be better.

Flying has become such an integral part of the game, that removing it now will be a long and arduous road.  Many complaints will be had, and many changes will have to be made, but I truly do believe that an Azeroth without flying would be a better Azeroth.



“YOU” The raid leader cried
“ARE you NOT geared?
Have you no enchants?
YOUR hit is above 20
And your crit below 2
You’ve gotta be the suckiest DPS
I ever knew”

A Drought of Content

Spongebob Water Content

Behold, the amazing photo shop skills of Fussypants. Now with 150% more Spongebob!

It’s been a long, long time since there was new content.  To give you an idea, Patch 5.4 was released in September 10.  September.  And now its June.  Nine months of Siege of Orgrimmar.  Nine months of Timeless Isle (which by the way, is not as timeless as its name may imply).  Nine months of…. nothing.

And frankly, for the majority of players, nine months is way too long to wait for content.  Many players have completed their Siege of Orgrimmar difficulties and stopped running the raid.  Timeless Isle is only inhabited on Tuesdays, when everyone wants their weekly Celestials and Ordos runs.  Many more players have simply left the game entirely.  And WoD is not due for months.

For a subscription based game such as WoW, this is bad.  Very bad.  Like you are in the middle of a vast desert with no water bad.  Blizzard needs to give the players our precious water of content, or we will start dropping off like flies.

But not all of these metaphorical flies depend on this new water to survive.  Some of us find older water in the desert that some of the other flies do not look for.  Some players, my self included, are finding content new to us within the ten years of old content.  We are finding new things to do without needed more content spilled over us.

And, some other flies are just now starting to drink the waters of MoP, of Cataclysm, of Wrath, of the entire game.  Some of us are struggling to catch up.

But unfortunately, the majority of the flies are not interested in discovering older untapped waters.  They want new, and they want it now.  This is an absolutely valid opinion, but these flies need to remember that not all flies feel the same way.  Many players fed up with the lack of content are going out and complaining to Blizzard and to each other that everyone wants new content and that everyone will leave if they don’t get it.  These flies, these parasites are making a grave mistake.  They are generalizing the entire WoW player base to prove their point, and they frankly are wrong.

Remember, these players are also about as influential as flies.  Blizzard knows that they are upset, and can acknowledge the problem, but it really can’t go much faster without producing crappier content.  And when these players drone on endlessly, they start to be swatted away and ignored.  They become pests instead of aids.

If you are tired of the lack of content, then unsub until more comes out.  Go play Wildstar or something.  But please, don’t whine and complain and moan and tantrum that there is no content.  We all know that.  With this endless complaints and this endless negativity, you are turning the WoW community into a sour angry mob.  I completely understand your anger, but please. Little angry buzzing flies, go find your water somewhere else.

New Character Models: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

With the exception of blood elf (and frankly, I care the least about her appearance), the new character models have been released for all of my main characters. Now that I have them all available for comparison, I’ve decided to evaluate each and every model based on what I think my character should look like.

draenei model
The Good
⦁    Whole body is smoother and more realistic
⦁    Hands look like real hands!
⦁    Face stays true to spirit of the original face, but makes it look better
⦁    Horns are way better defined
The  Bad
⦁    The eyes are now blue instead of white as before
⦁    The more realistic hair does not stay true to the original styling
⦁    Hooves are lighter shade than before
The Ugly
⦁    Do not like the new lip pucker thing.  There is a reason why I find the ‘duck face’ so annoying, and the draenei models shown seem to be stuck in perpetual duck face
The Verdict
Even with the drawbacks, I really like the new draenei models.  They look smoother, more elegant, and more alien.  My only pet peeve is the ‘more realistic’ hairstyles don’t match at all with the old ones, and the duck face phenomenon.  However, the face shown in the Art Craft article was not the one I use, so I am hoping that my draenei’s face will have less pronounced lips.  I am slightly worried about how the back bend will turn out (I’m all for it, as a goat-legged creature biologically would stand differently and have a different center of balance) and also how the different skin tones and hair colors will look.  I hope they keep the darkest skin tone (the one I use) as dark as it is, and the lightest hair color (also the one I use) as light as it is.  However, a final verdict cannot be reached until my own character gets the new model.
night elf model
Night Elf
The Good
⦁    Gives off a strong Sentinel vibe that the old model was lacking
⦁    That stupid second eyebrow underneath the long one is GONE! HURRAH!
⦁    Face looks amazing and realistic
⦁    You see that hairstyle on the top middle?  That is SPECTACULAR
⦁    Hands look way more real
The Bad
⦁    Some anatomical issues with the placement of the belly button
⦁    Teeth are a little over defined
⦁    Not a huge fan of the uber dark lipstick
⦁    Thighs are utterly massive
The Ugly
⦁    While I do like the fangs, the ones proposed are entirely too large.  When I first saw that image, all I could think of was VAMPIRE, and that’s not what Night Elves are.
The Verdict
The Night Elf model is my favorite of the races shown thus far.  I think they really captured the essence of the kaldorei.  However, the fangs really turned me off.  I think the fangs should be shorter, and the teeth in general less defined.  This being said, I really love these models and am excited for what the hair will turn out like.  Like the draenei model, I cannot make a final judgement until I see my own character re-imagined.
Gnome Models
The Good
⦁    Look like gnomes, and not squashed down humans
⦁    Expressions on face are very gnome-like and expressive
⦁    Hair is much improved (excepting the hair style my gnome wears :/ )
The Bad
⦁    Now are a little too cute looking
⦁    Not a fan of the rubber lips
⦁    Pupils on eyes should be black instead of the current dark brown
The Ugly
Oh my god, what is this?? Kill it with fire and quickly!!!
So, using the WoW Head profiler, I was able to see the new model of my gnome mage.  Unless this is just a stand in model (which I hope it is), this is the worse thing I have ever seen.  First of all, I specifically picked this face because it had turquoise eyes.  Not green, turquoise.  Secondly, I see the face I have as a neutral serious face, not as an old, happy, crazy lady.  This is the scariest and least successful new model.  Which is a real shame, because I was the most excited about how the gnomes were coming out.  Well, unless things change, I am either paying to recustomize, or to race change.

Overall, my favorite models were definitely the night elf and draenei ones.  I really love how realistic (but still Warcraft-styled) and elegant those two look.  On the other hand, I am far less excited about the gnome model.  The new gnomes are just a touch too cute, and a little creepy.  However, the game is still in alpha, so here’s to positivity, eh?

The Nature of Change

Blizzard has recently announced their intents for raiding in WoD, changing up the game again.  While you can find the whole post here, the main points are the changes in LFR loot, the addition of Group Finder, and multiple changes to Normal, Heroic, and the new Mythic raiding.  This article will focus mostly on the LFR and Group Finder changes, as this is the kind of raiding that Fussypants currently does.

The first big change is the removal of specific trinkets and set bonuses from LFR.  For the Normal and Hardcore raider, this is a positive change, as these raiders will no longer feel required to LFR raid to fill the gaps in their set pieces, or get that missing trinket.  However, for LFR raiders, this change is not so positive.  To many LFR raiders, this may seem to reduce LFR to a glorified dungeon.  But, isn’t that what it is supposed to be?

As it currently stands, LFR tries to do too many jobs.  It is a way to let non raiders see the lore, a gearing method for many players, a sight-seeing journey for some, and practice for normal and heroic raiding for others.  This all makes it very difficult to balance, both gear and difficulty wise.

With the introduction of Group Finder in WoD, LFR suddenly becomes redundant in many of its current jobs.  Thus, it make sense to turn LFR into more of a sight-seeing raid than a tier of its own.  As Fussypants has done already, many of the raiders who LFR raid for gear and because they don’t have the time for a raiding schedule, will naturally gravitate to the Group Finder function.  LFR will now have a specific job, and Group Finder will take the job of a raid for those who want to ‘raid’ raid with less time.

LFR will now also drop more rewards, allowing it effectively be the stepping stone between dungeons and Group Finder.  This will allow players such as Fussypants to move on to Group Finder raiding much faster than currently capable.

The second huge change is the addition of Group Finder.  From what has been stated at this point, Group Finder will be like OQueue, but Blizzard made and in-game.  This change is fantastic, as now many more people will use it than when it was in addon form.  This will open up the possibility of raiding to a far larger audience, and allow for many more pickup groups.

Also, for raiders like Fussypants, this will allow for more difficulties of raids.  As it currently stands, LFR raiders are generally at the final level of progression with the LFR.  But, with the new Group Finder, these raiders will be able to find groups to raid with at higher progression levels.  Raids that originally required you to be in a guild are now capable of being pugged.

The final big change is the addition of flex technologies to all raid types except for Mythic.  Group sizes won’t be set in stone, again making for easier pugging.  What once required dedicated guilds now will be more reachable by those not in raiding guilds.
With all these changes, it is also interesting to look at how the WoW players handle it.

Human nature is funny, in that we don’t like change, but we adapt to it very quickly.  Take for instance, the addition of LFR.  When the idea was first proposed, there was of course backlash from the WoW community.  People didn’t like the change, even though many of them ended up using the new feature.  And here we are, an expansion later, and LFR seems like it has always been there.  LFR became such an integral part of many players WoW experience, that is odd to think that the feature is only one expansion old.

This process happened again with the addition of Flexible raiding.  There was a good amount of outcry against the change, and yet only a few moments after it has been integrated, the system seems common place.

It will be very interesting to watch how quickly we the players adapt to the new raiding changes, despite our protests against them.  ’20 man raiding? That’s stupid!’ we may say now, and yet in half a year, this may seem like the most normal thing.

People need to calm down.  Change is neither bad nor good, and either way, we are going to adapt to it.  It is in human nature to do so.  It will be fascinating to see how quickly the WoW player base settles into these ‘radical’ new changes.  So don’t worry.  You will adapt in a shorter amount of time than you spend complaining.

This entire article was written by Fussypants (though it was probably hard to tell with her writing in third person and all)

Its the End of the World for my Pally

So, I know I promised to write up an article not about paladins.  I swear, the next one I write will be all about mages or something.  But for now, there are more pressing matters having to do with the edits to the 6.0 patch notes.

“Selfless Healer for Holy no longer causes Judgment to grant Holy Power. It also is only usable on Flash of Light, no longer on Holy Light or Holy Radiance.”

WHAT?? So I write up an article on how much I love a certain talent choice, and not even two weeks later, they decide to rework the talent completely!  Wow, never doing that again.
But in all seriousness, I really dislike this change.  Selfless Healer (which I covered extensively here) made me want to play my paladin again, as it made the game play faster and more engaging!  Later in the notes, they explain the change with basically ‘blah blah, reasons reasons’ (ok, they actually said it was because of the changes in WoD healing would have made it over powered).
What changes? Is it the reduction of instant casts for AoE?  Because in all reality, I would be fine losing the cast time reduction of those spells if I could keep the mana reduction and the other two.  The biggest part for me is the mana reduction, not the cast time reduction.  And, if they are upping mana regeneration come WoD, this will actually work in their favor!  I really don’t understand and I really don’t like these new changes.
And then the part where Judgement doesn’t generate Holy Power, what’s up with that?  All of the Holy Powered abilities were already given a cast time, so why should the generation of Holy Power be decreased?
The way the new talent would work would remove the instant payoff of casting Judgement (a charge of Holy Power) and would remove the two useful spells from the mix, Holy Radiance and Divine Light (which is being renamed Holy Light).  The casts of Judgement would essentially be wasted GCDs, as the only thing they do is improve the efficiency of the next Flash of Light (a spell, by the way, which I almost never use).
To me, this seems like a massive and pointless nerf to the Selfless Healer talent choice.  Unless I’m missing a piece of this or if things change, it looks like I’ll be using Eternal Flame as my talent choice.  Sigh…
Addendum: Anyone who got the song reference in the title gets a cookie.  Anyone who sang it in their head when they read it gets two.