Thank You WoWInsider

#save joystiqEDIT: WoWInsider will be shutting down on February 3.  I just….

I hope that the writers find success in all future endeavors, and that WoWInsider is remembered for many, many years to come.  You guys were the best thing to ever happen to the WoW community.  I feel like a part of me has been ripped away….


Thank you WoWInsider, thank you.


I have some potentially very sad news for you all today.  WoWInsider, your source for the latest and greatest in the World of Warcraft might be shutting down.  AoL plans to shut down Joystiq, the place where WoWInsider is hosted.  While the shutdown of WoWInsider has not been confirmed yet, there is definitely a risk of this happening.  If the shutdown were to happen, I’m not sure if the website will disappear into the void but for certain this would mean the end of all new publications.  The end of WoWInsider.

I’m going to be brutally honest here: this sucks.  This sucks hard.  Like when a family pet dies or a friend moves away for forever.  WoWInsider in many ways is the lifeblood of the WoW community.  When I heard the news I actually teared up a bit (and then ranted on Twitter).  The shutdown of WoW Insider would mean the destruction of a community that I can safely call my own.

Because WoWInsider is so much more than just a website.  WoWInsider is people.  Its the writers, the commenters, the trolls, the readers, and everyone and anyone who has contributed to the site over the years.  WoWInsider is a community.  In fact, it’s one of the better communities out there.  Are there trolls?  It’s the internet, there are always trolls.  But far outnumbering the few unsavory individuals are the people.  The Mathew Rossi, Anne Stickney, Alex Ziebart, Adam Holisky, Olivia Grace, Christian Belt, JeffLaBowski, Scott Leyes, Mogs, Valencemagi, Armenius, Draknfyre, Razwick92, Liopleurodon, Sleuth., Retpallyjil, Eliza, HerrKlokbok, Chrth, and every other person who has commented or written on the web page (if I missed you, I’m sorry! I still love you all!). WoWInsider is made of people.

But just as WoWInsider is made of people, WoWInsider has also made people.  I personally owe a HUGE portion of my success to the site.

When I first started reading WoWInsider, it was just like my experiences with WoW: over the shoulder of my dad.  One of my first memories of the site was way way back in the days of, there was a drawing contest.  I remember being amazed at what the people could make and awed that it was all WoW related.  That is what inspired me to try to make WoW themed art, something I have continued to do to this day.

Eventually I graduated from reading over my dad’s shoulder to reading the site by myself.  For years I read about the crazy antics, wishing I could join in (I was still much too young).  I remember laughing my head off at the Choose My Adventure  (Especially Archmage Pants’ bits).  I remember the great Orcish Proverb Breakfast topic, which is still saved in my bookmarks.  There were days where I’d hit refresh over and over again, waiting for a new article.

Then a year ago, my dad came up with the idea of writing a WoW blog together.  We both really enjoyed the game and I really enjoyed to write, so the logical step was to make a blog.  And one of the starting ideas we had was to submit articles to the Community Blog Topic that WoWInsider then hosted every week.  So I made an account for livefyre and we did.

Looking back, my writing was pretty terrible then.  But it didn’t matter.  Mine and my father’s words were posted, with very litter altercation, on the front page of the webpage that I had read for years and years.  It was a surreal moment.

From there, it only grew.  I began to get dozens of hits from WoWInsider, and the commenters convinced me to join Twitter.  From there, the rest is history.  I have met a bunch of amazing people, been able to play with many more, and have made friends that I would have never guessed.  And all because of WoWInsider.

If it hadn’t been for WoWInsider, its pretty safe to say that I would not be blogging.  I would not be on Twitter, I would not be raiding (the majority of my raiding happens with people I’ve met because of WoWInsider), and I might not even still be playing WoW.  This is how big of an impact that WoWInsider has had on my life.

So to say that WoWInsider is merely a website is to ignore the people who contribute to it and the people who are helped by it.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: WoWInsider is the lifeblood of the Warcraft community.  WoWInsider is a friendly and vibrant group of people who all love WoW.  WoWInsider connects people from all walks of life and unites them under one hobby.  WoWInsider is the meeting room for gamers that is ever open to new members.  It’s the best source of news and the greatest spot for debate.  It’s the best mishmash of chili, haikus, WoW tin foil hat lore, My Little Pony, GIFs, and HMDI converters there will ever be. WoWInsider is pretty dang amazing.

Created by the magnificent Scott Leyes

Created by the magnificent Scott Leyes

Remember the haikus.  Remember the class columns.  Remember the Scott Leyes photoshopped images.  Remember the 1k+ comment Queues.  Remember the memories.  And #SaveWowInsider.

Addendum: The commenters have created a guild for the Queue now! “of The Queue” is the alliance guild on Nesingwary/Vek’nilash/Nazgrel US realms.  Keeping the legacy alive! (I need to go join this!)

Also, read Sportsbard, The Exodar Sister, and Ravyn‘s articles on what WoWInsider has meant to them!

WoD Cinematic Supposition

Created by the magnificent Scott Leyes

Created by the magnificent Scott Leyes

Since the cinematic for Warlords of Draenor isn’t due to come out till August 14, there’s still plenty of time to speculate on what it will contain.  Will it be a montage like BC? Will it contain a story line like Mists?  Will there be gnomes??  Inspired by an article on Wow Insider, I’ve decided to write up what I would like the Warlords cinematic to be.  And hey, after the cinematic’s done, I can go back to see just how close or far away I was.

The Dark Portal
It would start with a black screen, and some serious sounding voice speaking about old stories becoming new.  Then, the black would morph into the sky over the Blasted Lands, and the camera would pan down to that camp in front of the Dark Portal.  Guards and whatnot would be milling about, some playing cards, others napping, generally not paying attention.  The camera would stop with a view of the camp, and the Dark Portal as the background.

Suddenly, the Dark Portal would start swirling, and it’s color would change from green to red.  A gnome mage would notice, and she would start to stand up in confusion.  The screen would cut to only the portal, and it would finish swirling and changing.

Then a huge flaming boulder would shoot out of it, crashing into the middle of the camp.   Whatever music that was playing in the background would cut.  Now everyone’s eyes would be first on the boulder, and then on the portal.  People would be tensing and falling into almost battle positions.

With a tremendous roar, orcs would pour through the portal and begin attack.  A quick battle scene would go on, and then the camera would cut back to the gnome mage from before.  She would be casting a spell, and right as the orcs got close to her, she would vanish in a flash of arcane magic.

Now, the scene would change, and the proud towers of Stormwind would be shown.  There would be a brief clip of the gnome mage telling Varian about the attack, and Varian looking pissed.  The screen would again cut to another view, and this time it would be the various faction leaders with entourages charging across the Blasted Lands.  They would come to the Portal, and find the guards’ camp destroyed, but a few battered looking guards still lived.  These guards would point to the portal, and again the camera would focus on the now red portal.

Now the camera would focus on the steps in front of the portal, where Varian, Vol’jin, and the gnome would be standing (the other faction leaders would be behind them).  The gnome would slowly step through portal, and we would now see her in Draenor.

A massive amount of orcs, orc machinery, and an impressive fortress would dominate the landscape.  These orcs would notice the gnome right away, and would charge at her weapons raised. (The music would start building like crazy.)  She would raise her hand to cast a spell when the music would cut and…

Warlords of Draenor Logo!

(Yotaan thinks the cinematic would be the exact same except that it would be a troll mage.  And yes, said troll would still go to Stormwind to tell Varian.  Don’t ask.)

So what do you guys think the cinematic should be like?

Addendum: Yotaan and I are going on vacation, so we will be AFK for a little over a week.  See you when we get back!

Random Acts of Uberness: I love this Community

When the well-loved column, Random Acts of Uberness on WoW Insider had to be retired, I decided to pick up where it left off and continue writing the column on my own blog! So, as promised, here is this week’s uber people!

WoW Insider LogoThe WoW Insider Community
When I proposed that I would continue writing this column in the Queue, I was expecting little fanfare and attention.  But instead, I was met with overwhelming enthusiasm from the WoW Insider community, and the original writer of the column (Lisa Poisso) herself!  So the first uber people have gotta be the ones who encouraged me to start writing this 😀

Sember-Moonrunner US, Zenstorm-Moonrunner US

RAOU Zenstorm RAOU Sember







Well, I know this is likely the last of these, so I’ll take an opportunity to shout out to Sember and Zenstorm (Darkspear Chophouse, US-Moonrunner, Horde), my fellow guildies, who despite already having long completed it, came out to kill High Marshall Twinbraid with me last night for the quest (I’m a bit behind on my legendary). It was much appreciated, especially since Krasarang is a wasteland these days. Another shout out to Sember for helping a group of us finish our Lich King dungeon achieves for the Red Prodo Drake, again after she’d already gotten hers. Glad to be in a great guild with great people. (Commentor bundtcake from WoW Insider)

Source: Wowhead

Source: Wowhead

I know I suck, but I can’t remember my nominee’s name.  All I can tell you is that he’s from Farstriders Horde.  Last month, I lucked upon a corrupted hippogryph loot card, and really wasn’t that interested in the model, so I decided to sell it off on the AH.  Starting bid of 100K, with a buyout of 150K.  Shortly after posting it I received an opening bid and a tell from one very interested prospective buyer.  He offered me buyout price and a mechano-chopper (which were going for 17k+) if someone were to outbid him before he could liquidate enough assets to afford the buyout–I happily agreed.  Well… the auction ran it’s course, and no one outbid him (or even competed for that matter)… so he got his corrupted hippogryph for 100K.  The next time I logged in, I was met with another tell from my buyer… who insisted on meeting me, because he “owed” me a chopper.  I explained that he’d won the auction fair and square, and that he didn’t owe me anything…  he said, “no, I promised you a chopper and you’re getting a chopper”. We met, he showed off the mount (which I was eager to see), and sure enough gave me a chopper.  I was astounded… it’s rare to find someone so true to their word… especially under the circumstances.  Sadly, I was a bit tipsy when all this went down, and didn’t think to add him to my friend’s list (or I’d be naming him now)… but that was one super cool move and hands down the most random act of uberness I’ve experienced in my 7+ years playing the game (or any other for that matter).

So what became of the chopper?  Well, I already had one in my stable, but my girlfirend (who recently started playing) did not… and has been oogling them ever since her first glimpse.  So, I sold it.   *grins* I’m joking…  I gave it to her, and it’s hands down her favorite mount.  She rides the thing everywhere (often when she could be flying).  In fact, we’ve been playing “motorcycle gang” with our alts as we level them… taking turns riding in one another’s side carts. (Commentor Bhuta from WoW Insider)

Email me your tales of uberness at  Be sure to include the name and realm of the person(s) who were uber, as well as your own if you want to be credited. Hopefully, I will be able to post this every Monday!  Until next week, be uber to each other!

Random Acts of Uberness

Source: WoW Insider

Over at WoW Insider, there was a column called Random Acts of Uberness.  The column was basically a shout out to the spontaneous, nice things random people did for another in-game.  Recently, there has been some budget cuts at WoW Insider, and this column will be no longer be able to be published.

I have decided to try to start a similar column here, at my own blog!  Just email me at with your tales of that awesome person, and I will try to publish it here!  Be sure to include the name and realm of the person who was uber, and your name too if you want to.  Hopefully, I will be able to get the first post up by Monday!

Also, a HUGE thanks to Lisa Poisso, and the other writers who helped make Random Acts of Uberness a thing at WoW Insider.  And to all the writers who lost their jobs, I wish you the very best of luck in all your future endeavors!!