We have made a few New Years Resolutions, and in order to complete them,  we figured we should set them down in one spot.

Fussypants’ Goals

1) Write 4 blog posts every month
2) Post the stories for my WoW characters
3) Re-open my art commission business!
4) Level a Horde-side character to max
5) Help out with Violet Spellwing carry runs

Yotaan’s Goals

1) Work on collections
2) Keep playing with Fussypants
3) Horde time
4) Get better at PvP
5) Have fun

5 thoughts on “Goals

  1. It’s wierd I just found this blog now after all this time playing on the same server cluster (I’m a Cata baby). It’s amazing seeing other people writing about the game i love so much when I neither have the time or skill to do so myself.

    If either of you need any help on the Horde side of things for your resolutions or to kill time feel free to msg me or throw an in-game letter my way to my posting name -nazgrel…

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  4. Hey! I played against fussypants in hearthstone just now. It was a realllyyyy long game, down to a couple cards and one health! she was mage and I was shaman. Just wanted to pop in and say good game!

    • Cool you had such a great game, but unfortunately, that wasn’t me! :O My battletag name is NOT Fussypants, despite what one would think. I’m glad you had a fun game, but I have no idea who that Fussypants is lol.

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