We have made a few New Years Resolutions, and in order to complete them,  we figured we should set them down in one spot.

Fussypants’ Goals

1) Write consistently and write for myself
2) Post more stories
3) Integrate my artistic side into the blog more
4) Complete Suramar (and whatever max level story follows it)
5) Participate in more community building projects

Yotaan’s Goals

1)   Play on a PvP realm.  I miss the danger.  I will need to find the best one to level up.
2)   Try again to play with Fussypants more.  This is a challenge, especially considering our play styles.
3)  Get the Mount Parade achievement.  Currently at 153 out of 200 mounts.
4)  Figure out Pet Battles.  It’s a thing, isn’t it?
5)  Really enjoy my time in and out of WoW.


4 thoughts on “Goals

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  3. Hey! I played against fussypants in hearthstone just now. It was a realllyyyy long game, down to a couple cards and one health! she was mage and I was shaman. Just wanted to pop in and say good game!

    • Cool you had such a great game, but unfortunately, that wasn’t me! :O My battletag name is NOT Fussypants, despite what one would think. I’m glad you had a fun game, but I have no idea who that Fussypants is lol.

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