We’ve (well, more accurately, Fussypants) has made a number of transmog related blog posts over the years and we figured we should compile them all in one easy to search spot.

Transmog Time: A Multitude of Mail
After four different articles featuring over a dozen transmog sets, Fussypants realized that she was severely lacking in the Mail Transmog department.  Pants fixed the issue with this article, focusing mainly on shaman-inspired mail sets (with a smattering of cloth and plate sets).


Transmog Time: Fashion Fusion
The theme for this article was mixing new armor sets from Warlords with iconic sets from previous expansions. Featuring a lot of plate and cloth (again), Fussypants is especially proud of these!


Transmog Time: Monk-pocalypse
Fussypants has a dirty secret: she loves making transmog sets for monks, despite the fact that she did not play the class until recently.  This article features a host of monk appropriate transmogs, but luckily, most are available to all leather wearers.


Transmog Time!
You can’t make new character without having transmog sets all planned out for them! These plate and cloth sets were designed with Pants’ undead warrior and blood elf priest in mind, but they can work for any other toon as well!


Roses are Red, Transmog is Cool
This is the first transmog post Fussypants wrote up; the set was an entry into a competition.  While Pants didn’t win, she still loved this red inspired Cloth set.