20,000 Leagues Under the Great Sea

Inspired by a tweet from a Warcraft Dev, myself and my two awesome guildies Zanima and Vall took to the seas last Friday night to search for hidden secrets and treasures! While we didn’t find much in the way of clickable objects (much to Zanima’s dismay) we did have a wonderful time exploring the ocean and stumbling onto some really really neat areas!

(To note, the tweet was later followed up by this and this which means we probably weren’t going to find the big patch 7.0 secret but hey, still led to some amazingly fun exploration!)

The night started out rather innocuously; a group of my guildies and I were hanging out in Mumble as we all did our own tasks while chatting about nothing in particular.  I personally was wandering around Highmountain looking for Foxflower when I came upon a rather large cliff.  Being a naturally adept climber and skillful in-game manuerver, I promptly fell off the side of the mountain.   The always on her toes me forgot both my gliders and my paladin bubble and managed to die in the most awkward and hard to reach spot ever on the side of the mountain. Go Pants!

After laughing profusely about this in Mumble, I began my long trek to find my body.  Zanima and Vall came out to help try to rez me (or in Vall’s case, steal my soul) and after almost half an hour of sliding down mountains, I finally managed to rez.  The three of us continued down to the bottom of the slope, ending up out in the sea just north of all those murlocs on the very tip of Highmountain.

This is when the fun part began!
wowscrnshot_102216_002718Almost right off the bat, we came across a really intriguing find – a Salty Kraken just chilling on the top of some night elven ruins.  The three of us promptly attacked the beast but it didn’t seem to do anything really.  We killed the creature without it raising a tentacle to attack us back!

Next we came across an absolutely enormous Toothless Great White guarding a shipwreck in an underwater cleft.  Zan astutely pointed out that the exact same mob guarded one of the orbs of Kosumoth so we excitedly searched the areas for secrets.  We didn’t find anything out of the ordinary but we did kill the shark for good measure.  You never know!

Thus began our night of exploration.  Over the course of several hours, we made our way from the Northernmost point of Highmountain all the way around to the uninstanced Eye of Azshara, traveling clockwise.  We encountered two more krakens guarding other ruins and shipwrecks as well as two more sharks.  After the cut are the highlights!

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