A Blizzcon Update!

Every year, I tend to overestimate how much free time I will have at the beginning of the school year and every year, I am reminded of just how busy I become.  Anyways, long time, no write!  I promise I have actually been brainstorming articles, I’ve just have absolutely no chance to write them.  On the bright side though, I have been playing Warcraft despite my crazy schedule, so I’ve at least partly kept to my resolution from a few months earlier.

However, I didn’t just carve out the spare time to write this post to bemoan my lack of writing, I instead have a rather exciting announcement to make.

I will be attending Blizzcon this year!

Ever since Yotaan and I attended the 10th anniversary Blizzcon a couple years back, I have been saving up to return once again.  Luckily, the stars happened to align both with finances and timing and I’m heading to Anaheim once more! Unfortunately, for those of you who wanted to meet both halves of the dynamic duo, Yotaan will not be able to attend this year.  (But if you want, I do a pretty spot-on Yotaan impression, if I do say so myself).

Part of the reason I’m going is for my love of Blizzard games but another really huge portion is the people.  I cannot wait to meet all of the folks I’ve been playing games with for all these years but never actually met in person.  The first Blizzcon I attended, I did meet a few people but my shyness kept me from reaching out too much. Not this time!

Please come find me and say hi!  I promise I’m not scary in person – I’m likely way too tiny a person for that – and I’d absolutely love to meet some of the folks who drop by this little corner of the internet.  I’m getting in on Wednesday night, so any point Thursday to Saturday, I’ll be wandering around the convention. My Twitter is probably the easiest way to get in touch with me during the event.

I’ll (try) to have some blog updates posted during the weekend itself so definitely keep your eyes peeled here if you are interested in yet another source for news (on top of the dozens upon dozens of Blizzard fan sites).  Can’t wait for the convention!