First Real (I’m for Realz this time) Raid

Before I start this article, I owe you guys the readers an explanation.  Yotaan and I had kind of dropped off of the face of the Earth for the past couple weeks without any warning.  Unfortunately, our internet died for about a week (it was horrible! I had to go… outside….), and the week after that I went away to a camp and was unable to publish anything.  But don’t worry, we aren’t going to stop writing if we can help it.

This being said, we will be taking a quick break next week, as I will be going to another camp.  After that, we should be business as usual.  We thank you for reading, and hope you enjoy!

Ha! I actually got a screenshot from the actual raid!

Ha! I actually got a screenshot from the actual raid!

Ok, ok, I know.  I’ve run two other articles on this, all claiming to be my first real raiding experience.  But this time it’s for reals!  I have official joined a raid group with vent, and set times, and dedicated roles and EVERYTHING!  And I swear, I’ll stop using this title!

As many of you have probably figured out, I have always wanted to raid.  Actual raiding, not an occasional pickup group, or LFR til the end of times.  But due to timezone issues, lack of experience, and an unpredictable life schedule, I have never been able to get onto a raid group.  So, I turned to the twitters.

There is a guild on the twitters called Awkward Moments Guild that would host flex raids, and anyone was invited.  I was able to join a few, but because of the time, I wasn’t able to make many of the flexes.  Some time later, the guild decided to create another raid team, and opened invitations to anyone on the twitters.  I was intrigued.  The times worked for me, I knew the guild to be friendly, and I had a moderately geared horde priest.  So, I signed up.

Thus Team Third Wheel was born, and I became a member.  Our first raids were last Friday and Saturday, making those raid my official first real real REAL raids!  We ran flex up to Dark Shaman on Friday, and Normal Dark Shaman to Spoils on Saturday.

Organized raiding was everything I thought it would be, and at the same time incredibly different.

For starters, I totally pegged the friendly atmosphere with undertones of ‘lets-get-this-done’.  The jovial banter was enjoyable and funny, but we could quickly pull together to get stuff done.  I could tell that I was in a group with legitimately friendly and real people.  We all wanted to be there, and get the bosses, but there was no elitist jerk attitude.

However, the thing I totally did not guess was how successful we would be.  I thought that it would take us about as long as an LFR to get through the bosses.  It was the first time we had ever raided together, and I didn’t expect to get far.  But boy, was I wrong! We knocked out the first wing of flex in under an hour (fastest I have ever run it) and moved on to the second wing.  Then, on running normals (with a slightly different roster) we still knocked the bosses out incredibly fast.

Another thing I did not really think out fully was vent.  I sort of had this idea that people would just chat on vent and stuff, but in reality our vent was almost completely silent.  Most of the conversation went on in-game chat, with only raid leaders speaking.

This also brings me to another point I didn’t expect.  I am terrified of talking on vent.  I don’t know why, but I’m just really scared that I’ll do it wrong, or people will be annoyed with me, or people will make fun of my somewhat youthful voice.  It’s completely illogical, but man!  I don’t know if I will ever talk!

I am one of three healers for our group,  and I have to say, I’m not nearly as bad as I thought I would be.  I’m holding my own against the other healers,  even with lacking flex/normal experience.  My gear is not the best, and I’m missing some enchants (darn you expensive AH prices!), but I think I’m doing pretty good!  I was vaguely worried about being the weak link, but all of our healers are strong together.

To make a long story short, I’m absolutely stoked about this.  I’ve finally joined a real raiding group with people dedicated and friendly people.  We are getting bosses down and working really well as a brand new team!  I’m finally getting to do what I’ve wanted to do since Mists dropped.  I’m finally able to RAID!

(Yotaan is still terrified of raiding though! 😛 )

Addendum: Team Third Wheel is still recruiting!  If you are a horde side dps or tank who can raid Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 to 10 CST, we’d love to have you!  Contact @Kmbrei to sign up or for more details.  And yes, we do cross server raid (that’s what I do!)

4 thoughts on “First Real (I’m for Realz this time) Raid

  1. I’m glad you had fun on your first real raid. ^^

    If you put your vent on push to talk, (which you might already have done) it makes it less worrisome that you might just start babbling without realizing your mic is on. That is one of my worries because I can’t play with headsets so I don’t hear vent/mumble as well as I could.
    Other than that, don’t worry about not talking much. Eventually you will feel comfortable enough to chat. That comes with time.
    I’m still mostly quiet during my raids, but I do enjoy listening to everyone else. Though my group tends to chat more unless we are in a boss fight (and sometimes even then.)

    My only other tip is always make sure you have flasks before your raids. You might work on learning noodle carts – or buying them off the AH – too so you can help out with feasts. All of that helps your team.

    I hope you continue to enjoy it. Raiding with my guild is one of my favorite fun things to do.

    • Thank you for the advice! One of the other members is the designated ‘chef’ of the group, so I haven’t really had to worry about food (I do have some back up feasts just in case). As for flasks, I’ve been working on getting the Crystal of Insanity, but right now I have just been using either the Flask of Falling Leaves or Warm Sun.
      All my raid team members have been telling me on twitter that they have made it their goal to get me to talk on vent, so I have the feeling my silence will be broken soon, lol.
      Thanks again for the advice!!

  2. Congrats on joining a raid team!

    Couple thoughts… 1) Find some dailies, the question on Timeless Isle is a very good one, The farm ones are excellent. DO THEM. No excuses. At least 4-5 times per week. The Timeless Isle question is 45g, all the other “normal” dailies are 20g (approx). It’s astounding how fast that adds up. If you do just the farm ones every day, that’s 100g. Every. Single. Day. If you’re raiding as a priest, I hope you have a shadow set. If you’re successful at normal mode Spoils, even if you don’t have a shadow set, you can still pull 50-70k dps in your heal set, which should still get you through any normal daily hub (5ish quests) in under 15 minutes (a lot less when you’re practiced). There really is no excuse to not have your enchants/gems/reforges done to raid at your level. It’s fine if you’re missing one piece occasionally, if you’re not on heroic mode it really won’t matter much. Still, get it done. If you were on a baseball team or had a work project that only “performed” once or twice per week, you’d find (at least) an hour somewhere during the rest of the week to prepare, right? If you want to raid current content, you owe it to your team to be ready. That includes enchants. I get it, school, job, etc. Dailies should take you no more than 15-20 minutes. If you can’t do it 5 days, then do 5 hubs on 1 day, go do the Thunder Isle. Long story short, go find 500-700g per week doing something. It really is that easy. Don’t like dailies? figure out your profession. Whatever you have to do, “expensive AH prices” is a copout. It’s simple, don’t have time to prepare your gear, don’t have time to raid.

    2) There’s only one way to fail at talking on vent. That is not to do it. Remember, you’re playing a game. This is a hobby for all of us, relax, enjoy. Your age matters less than your performance (and if you catch grief for your age, then the group isn’t worth your time, there are better ones out there). I made friends raiding back in vanilla that became and are still real life friends, even though several have left the game. Part of what made those friendships last where more recent raid friends haven’t is that we said embarrassing things, goofed up, and didn’t worry about it. We made stories to tell, and that means we have history. That’s a lot of what makes the relationships in WoW worthwhile.

    3) ENJOY THIS! Playing on a raid team can be tremendously rewarding, and not just in a “yeah, I played that game a while ago” way. I’ve gotten jobs, networked into other jobs, and made long-term very real friendships all because of raiding. These relationships are what you put into them. Sure, you may be young, and not thinking about these things, but these relationships can be very personally and professionally rewarding – these are people who are like you, who share your interests and know your qualities. How you do this matters. NEVER fall into the trap of saying, “this is just a game”.

    Regardless, have fun. Good luck to your team, here’s to beating Garrosh before the xpac!

    • Thank you so very much for the advice!

      In response to your first point, us doing normals was unusual. The plan is to mostly do flex for at least a few more weeks. That is why I was not fully enchanted- I didn’t expect to run normals so fast. But I completely understand, and have been doing dailies like crazy, and playing the jewelcrafting market on the AH for money. And, I’ve found both an enchanter (but s/he has very limited mats, so I’ve been sending her greens) and a scribe that will both give me their products for a reasonable price (this has happened after I wrote and published the post). I know excuses are excuses, but I have really been trying to fully max out my priest!

      To your second point, I know I know *sheepish grin*. In my ally guild I’ve made great friends by voice comming with them, and we help each other a ton. I’m a really quiet person around new people, but trust me, I’m working on that too!

      And to your final point, I plan on it! I’ve read a bunch about how people who raid have taken that knowledge and those friendships, and gone really far in life. I absolutely plan to enjoy this to the fullest!

      Thanks again for all the constructive criticism and advice! 😀

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