Full Circle

Malk's Raid
What’s the name of the Archimonde Feat of Strength again? That’s right, it’s Time Is A Flat Circle.  Sure, the name is a pop culture reference to some TV show or another but to me, it’s got another meaning.

Full circle.  I’ve completed the circle.

At this very same time last expansion, I was frantically trying to get into a group to get my Garrosh AotC achievement.  I was dedicated, that’s for sure, but my gear and numbers left much to be desired.  Last expansion I was pugging into every group I could, hoping to get that one extra drop I needed to be able to get into a successful Garrosh group.

Last expansion, a truly wonderful person named Khizzara and her guild <That Guild> helped me finally achieve my expansion long goal.  They graciously took me under their wing and brought me in for my Feat of Strength and mount, just a few days before the patch dropped and removed the AoTC forever.

And now this expansion, I return the favor.

It’s a Monday afternoon, about one week before the launch of Warcraft’s next expansion, Legion.  I was browsing Twitter as I am wont to do when I happened across a tweet of particular interest.  Malkarii, a twitter acquaintance of mine, was looking to set up a last moose carry run before the end of the expansion.  She wanted to run a low-key sort of event, just a group of friends hanging out in Twitch/Mumble, getting mooses for as many folks as we could before they disappeared forever.

I checked my calendar and found that I was free on the day of the run.  So, I shot her a DM, offering my services as a healer (or tank or dps should the need be great).  We chatted for a bit, I mentioning that I could ask a few of my guildies if they wanted to come since most were geared to the nines at this point.  The time of the run was established and we parted ways.

Fast forward to Saturday evening.  I’m hanging out in a raid with my guildies Rainspirit and Lorenyth (later to come are Bodhirana, Cloud, and Xunam).  Us, along with about a dozen others are all grouped up and ready to start wailing on Archimonde.  Then, we bring in the carries.  It’s a scattered assortment of friends and guildies.  Some more experienced than others but all eager and dedicated.

The first couple of attempts are admittedly rough.  We wipe a couple of times but keep coming back up and trying again.  Then, we start rolling.  The stacks are stacked and the spreads spreaded and Archimonde comes crashing to the ground.  It’s one successful run down.

At this point, I unfortunately have to step out of the raid for a little while.  I ask my friend Bodhirana if he’d like to come in as I don’t want to leave without finding a replacement healer and I’d trust Bodhi with my virtual life in a split second.  Bodhi generously agrees to come with (you can read about his experience in his most recent blog post!) and I duck out for a while.

After taking care of my real life responsibilities, I join back in the group.  At this point, we are rolling.  It takes more time to get every grouped up and explain the fight than it does to actually take Archimonde down.  Malkarii is great, explaining the fight before every single pull.  Yes, this may be a carry run but she doesn’t want folks to tap the boss once and go and stand in some fire.   Everyone is working together as a team to accomplish this, let’s all try to remain standing at the end if we can!

One run goes by, then another, then another! Pretty soon, I’ve lost count.  Dozens of hopeful folks come in seeking mooses and head out with the quests for their shiny new mount.  And even though it’s the same boss over and over again, I still was having a ton of fun.  I was chatting, cracking jokes, laughing at jokes, and getting to really make a difference for some folks.

Call me cliche and call me corny but the truth of the matter is, I loved being able to do this.  Just one expansion ago, I was one of those folks.  Determined on getting the AotC mount but not lucky enough to be on a raid team to do it.  Working on gearing up but running into the inevitability of pugs.  This was me.

And now I get to give back.  Now instead of being the carried, I get to be the carrier.  I’m offering these folks the opportunity to get the mount, I know from personal experience, they’ve worked so hard to get.  Just like myself, they are getting in their mooses just in the nick of time due to the kindness of friends, guildies, and even complete strangers.  I am giving the gift I once received myself.

It’s a wonderful feeling.

Huge, huge, huge thanks to my fellow guildies for coming along for the ride!  Rainspirit (though I know you found out and joined independently of me but still, I’m going to mention you here!), Lorenyth, Aestalas, Cloud, and Xunam, y’all are totally amazing folks and we couldn’t have done it without you.  Thank you so much for joining me on this (totally optional!) adventure!

And to all the other carries, those from twitter and those from somewhere else in the great wide world of Azeroth, thank you as well! Had there not been our two trusty tanks or our dependable dps, I would not have been able to complete the circle.  Thank you for running with me!

And finally, Malkarii.  I know you don’t want to be showered with accolades or follows or anything but I do want to say, thank you.  Thank you for organizing this, for making the call to run the extra hour, for bringing together all the carriers to make this run a reality.  You rock lady!

Time may be a flat circle, but now it’s also a complete circle.

7 thoughts on “Full Circle

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  2. I honestly can’t think of a better way to have spent my Saturday night in Azeroth the weekend before Legion releases. So many people giddy with excitement for their new mounts. It brings a smile to my face.

  3. As one of the carries I just want to thank you all, once more, for your time. I skipped 90% of WoD because I didn’t care for it as a whole, but I was able to end up with a moose 🙂

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