Long Term Legion Goals

With all this talk of Battle for Azeroth, it’s sometimes hard to remember that we’re not even done with Legion yet! There’s still another raid tier to go, which means more months of demons, demons, and more demons. That also means there’s plenty of time to get cracking on some long term goals!

I’m not sure how you guys operate, but for me, long term goals are my bread and butter. I got the legendary cloak and ring on almost every single one of my characters back when those were in the game, not because I really wanted to kit out those characters, but because I’m a total sucker for long, drop-based quest chains like that. Even when I only get one Abrogator stone per boss. There’s just something so satisfying about ticking off a checkbox on your list. While I haven’t gotten into it as much this expansion (so little time!), the artifact quest chains are perfect for this.

I’ve focused pretty heavily on my paladin main this expansion, so most of my alts have barely been played at all. A part of me misses raiding on multiple different characters but my bigger concern here is transmog. I need to make sure I collect as many artifact appearances before they vanish forever with the end of Legion. Luckily, I’ve realized this earlier in the expansion cycle than I usually do, so I should have enough time.

Mercifully, a recent tweet by the Warcraft Devs account clarified that most artifact appearances would still be obtainable in Battle for Azeroth. However, the Mage Tower and appearance the Mythic 15 one are going to be vanishing at the end of Legion. I doubt that I’ll be able to get the Mythic appearance on many of my alts, considering my main hasn’t even gotten it yet (I might be a mythic raider, but my mythic + experience is… lacking). However, especially with the gear upgrades coming in Antorus, the Mage Tower should be totally doable.

Come to think of it, even though the other appearances won’t be removed, it would probably be a smart thing to do to knock out as many of those now as I can. I very rarely go back to old expansions to farm transmog appearances because I am rather lazy. To save Future Me a bit of hassle, I think I’ll grab as many artifact appearances now as I can.

And then there’s all the class specific storylines and mounts. I haven’t heard anything about those being removed, but I definitely want to grab those up before the expansion ends as well. The list just keeps piling up and up!

Before I add anything more to this, let’s go ahead and write down for the record all of Fussypants’ Legion Goals.

-Complete a Mythic fifteen in time (this is getting silly!)
-Finish out those last couple of world quests and dungeon bosses for my last two easily achieved artifact appearances
-Purchase the Protection and Retribution class mount
-Maybe work the the Prestige appearances?

-Balance of Power
-Mage Tower
-Class Mounts
-Maybe complete a Mythic fifteen

-Balance of Power
-Mage Tower
-Class Mounts
-Maybe complete a Mythic fifteen

Priest, Druid, Shaman, Hunter (all my invasion-leveled babies)
-Finish Class Storyline
-Balance of Power
-Mage Tower
-Class Mounts

What are your goals for the end of Legion? Any big ticket items you wanna knock out while you’ve still got time?

7 thoughts on “Long Term Legion Goals

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  2. Heh…I still have yet to finish balance of power on Aes. Working on it. So if you wind up running EN, ToV, et al…feel free to bug me if I’m on. I’d love to finish up Balance on at least Aes…maybe Mina, Goez, and Tind too

    • For sures! I’m always down for mythic dungeons whenever I’m on (and pretty frequently, when I’m offline too!). How far into the quest chain is the Emerald Nightmare bit? I might be able to catch up on one of my alts pretty quickly!

  3. Strange enough, all my current goals are “farm a zillion of this and a zillion of that” 🙂 I’m glad that I still have several months to do that, then again it all looks like a job rather than a fun and engaging gameplay.

    I guess I was just super effective with my alts this expansion, so they’re all on the same page now, simply stationed on Argus and waiting for Antorus to pop. Brought me into a grinding lull until Battle for Azeroth.

    • Oof yeah, WoW chores have a nasty habit of becoming work rather than play, especially with how grindy they are. I’m honestly a bit nervous about my own list – I want to get stuff done but I also want to enjoy the game. Hopefully this will motivate me to play rather than burn me out from WoW.

      I’m kind of envious of how methodically you work on all your alts! I’m definitely more of a ‘fits and spurts’ kind of alt player, which is why I have one alt ready for heroic raiding and another that hasn’t been touched since I hit max level. And I don’t think most of my characters have made it to Argus yet. I’m a little jealous of your productivity, haha 😉

  4. Really happy about not removing Balance of Power appearance, when i was playing (currently having connection issues!) i tried to start doing mythic dungeons, getting into a group was hard, making a group needs so much time, i couldn’t do it and thought i’ll just give up.

    My goals basically is to get a good internet connection, it’s been more than a month without WoW and i just ran out of subscription, when (or if) i get back it’ll be mostly farming LFR sets, doing Argus content for reputations and mounts, planning for 6 new alts in BfA 😀

    • Oh no, poor internet connection is the worst! Over the summer, Yotaan and I had a lot of problems because of issues with the physical internet cables in our area and that was one of the most frustrating experiences. Hopefully you can get yours back soon!

      But yeah, I agree that those mythic dungeons are a pain! There’s just too many of them! I’m thinking that I might put together a group of friends who also need the appearance on alts so we can work on running everything together; it’s a lot more fun to do these runs with company. I will say though, the pugging scene for those regular mythics has gotten much better later in the expansion as those dungeons have gotten easier, so when you get your internet back, you might have better luck!

      I didn’t even think of that – I should be prepping for all the new Allied races! I need to sit down and hammer out all that I’m going to create and level, as well as work out RP backstories. Gah, there’s so much to do even with this much time! 😛

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