Community Blog Topic: Pitch Your New WoW Class


Over at WoW Insider, they have a column called Community Blog Topic, which is a chance for the opinions of other blogs to be gathered and published on their site.  This week, the question they asked was “Pitch Your New WoW Class”?  Fussypants and Yotaan blogged their answers here!
Fussypants: This was a hard one!  I’m of the mindset that WoW has all the classes it needs, but if I were able to make a new one, I’d probably add a modified allomancer (ha ha, guess what I’ve been reading 😉 ).
Class name: Allomancer
The Allomancer Class would manipulate the metal that surrounded them.  Abilities would include Metallic Push (Pushes against the metal on the target, knocking them back), Glinting Pull (Pulls the metal on the target, pulling them towards the caster), and a class specific ground mount (Alloy Dragging, the caster infuses themself with the power of metal, allowing them to run very fast) and flying mount (Gravity Lapse, the caster pushes against a nearby metal, shooting them up in the air.  The caster continues to bounce from metal to metal).
Maximum armor class: Mail
⦁    Silver Shot: Ranged DPS that focuses on manipulating surroundings to attack enemies.  Abilities include Coin Spray (caster sprays coins at the target), and Silver Swarm (caster wills surrounding metals to attack target). Primary stat: Agility
⦁    Titanium: Tank that uses metals to strengthen their self and weaken their enemies.  Abilities include Iron Shield (caster strengthens their metal armor, reducing damage taken) and Lead Poisoning (caster poisons the target, causing damage and reducing the target’s damage output). Primary stat: Stamina
⦁    Mercury: Melee DPS that uses metals to attack and target’s own armor against them.  Abilities include Force Weapon (caster forces the weapon out of the targets hands by manipulating the metals, making the weapon attack it’s owner for a short time), and Copper Steal (caster manipulates the targets armors, attacking them for damage. Primary stat: Agility
The class would wield daggers, fist weapons, swords, and staves.
(Sorry about terrible names)
Yotaan: Trying to come up with a new class for WoW is totally not simple.  But, I think I’d like to play this:
Class name: Steamworker
The Steamworker uses the power of steam to help in their attack and defense.  This is not an magic elemental approach but rather a mechanical one.  Obviously, the engineering profession would dovetail quite nicely with this class.
Maximum armor class: Plate
⦁    Iron Horse: Tank that uses the power of steam to create aggro and to bolster their own fortitude.  Think RoboCop, but steam driven.  Primary Stat: Stamina
⦁    Gatling Gun: Ranged DPS that can only use rifles, but gets a DPS bonus.  Can use steam power to strengthen attacks or create aoe attacks
⦁    Tin Man: Melee DPS that relies on slow steam powered melee attacks.  The tin man swings     slow, but hard.  Can duel wield, but only maces.
The class would wield maces, shields, polearms, staves, and rifles.

So what class would you create?
NOTE: Fussypant’s class is based off of Allomancers from the Mistborn Series (She suggests you read it).  She does not claim the idea to be her own.

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