Supporting an Army (of alts)

Image Source: World of Warcraft Official Game Site

Image Source: World of Warcraft Official Game Site

When thinking about the upcoming expansion, Warlords, my thoughts turned to my and Fussypants’s stable of toons.  We have a lot!  Now most of them are low to medium levels, but several are 90’s.   They are of a few different classes. More importantly, we have nearly every profession covered, and they are all max level. Only blacksmithing lags behind, but that’s mainly due to time. I’ll get that one up to max level as well.

So why all this alt talk?  I am hoping that Blizzard will not only make the new expansion alt friendly, but also encourage synergy between the alts.  We are starting to see that a little already. Heirlooms were the first step. They were designed from the beginning to encourage players to make more toons alongside their main.  Heirlooms also were designed to be shared amongst the alts as well, being account-bound.  Account-bound items were a brand new idea and, I think, the first step by Blizzard to promote synergy between alts.

Now, most players with alts, if they have any interest in professions, will have different profs for different toons.  This has been the case for a long time, long before the introduction of heirlooms.  For us, Fussypants can make the flasks for the alts and Yotaan can produce the leatherworking leg enchants.   Blizzard began to make this even easier when they introduced immediate mail delivery between characters in the same account.   Without needing a guild, our toons can farm or produce many different kinds of items and nearly instantly mail them to the other toons in our account.   So now we have another kind of synergy.

Blizzard needs to take this to the next level.  Since they are encouraging the playing of alts and providing ways for them to synergize, Blizzard ought to do more.  I think a potential place to do that is with Garrisons.  We don’t have much information on this feature.  Unfortunately, the way it sounds now indicates that it won’t be alt friendly. Every toon would have their own garrison.  The garrison will be able, like the current farm in Pandaria, to produce some basic mats. I don’t like this.  Wouldn’t it be better if each account had one garrison that all your toons could access?   The garrison could have all the options that have been proposed even.  Then, of course, Blizzard could expand on it.  How about a “stash” as in Diablo III, where prof mats and items could be stored and easily accessed by all account toons?   Or prof items that need two professions to make them?   There are so many possibilities…

So, what do you think?   Should Blizzard expand this idea and promote more synergy between alts?  Would Garrisons be the answer?

This article was written entirely by Yotaan.

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