No More Learning in LFR

Learning to RaidThe best way I learn things in video games is through experience.  Reading and watching videos can only get me so far; to really understand how to do things, I have to go out and try it.  That’s how I learned to heal, learned to raid, and learned to PvP.  I just went out and did it.

However with many things, its very hard to just throw yourself out there with little previous knowledge.  Queuing up for my first dungeon ever as a healer was pretty stressful.  I had no idea what to expect, but more importantly I didn’t know how the other people would react to my admission of this being my first time.  I’ve been in groups where people are totally supportive and I’ve been in groups where people tear me to bits because of my lack of knowledge.

A safe and hands on experience is the best way that I learn how to do something new.  I observe all that is going on without fear of being ridiculed.  Even better are the times when people explain portions to me.  Everything new I’ve learned to do in this game has been through trying new things hands on, not reading about it online.

The same notion applies to learning a new raid.

I used to be able to hide in the crowd in LFR and learn the mechanics by watching what was going on.  For SoO, I was able to take my LFR experience and successfully transition into actual raiding, getting all the way to Heroic (which was then called normal) Garrosh.  I picked up my knowledge from the hands on experience in LFR and then felt confident to move up on the raiding difficulty scale.

Unfortunately, LFR is no longer difficult, which is both a blessing and a curse.  It is a blessing because LFR is even more of a safe environment to get hands on experience in.  Because it is so trivial, LFR gives a lot of leeway for mistakes.  But on the flip side of the coin, the LFR experience is so different from the rest of the raiding experience that I can no longer learn encounters in it.  The only way I’ll know what to do, is if I join a normal raid.

You might think “Well, that’s not too bad! Normal raiding isn’t really hard!” and I would agreed.  Unfortunately, that is not the mindset of most normal groups.  They don’t want to bring along someone who is learning because it would slow them down.  I would be a liability, so no normal group wants to bring me.  And if they do happen to bring me, I get kicked almost instantly if I make any mistake, no matter how small.  Normal is not a safe learning environment.  It’s the real world, and all people care about it speed.

So this is where I’m stuck right now.  I don’t have the knowledge or safe environment to learn the raids.  And because of this, I have been completely unable to raid all expansion.  I really do want to, but I do not have a group that will take me.  My guild isn’t raiding for a bit (and besides, I’d want some experience going into that) and all my other friends who raid are horde.

I sort of guessed that this would become the case, I was just too blind to see that I would be affected by it.  So right now I’m kinda stuck.  I need what’s in the raids I can’t get into so I can get in said raids.  Wicked catch 22 isn’t it?  What would you guys suggest I try?  And is anyone else encountering this problem?


Addendum: There was going to be a massive garrison article on Thursday but unfortunately, after an hour of typing, the whole thing froze up and crashed as I was trying to save it.  Needless to say, I lost that entire article and the desire to rewrite it.  Hence the end of the week posting!

5 thoughts on “No More Learning in LFR

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  2. Usually the thing to do in your situation is to try to find a guild that’s running content at your level of ability. There’s bound to be more casual guilds that are working their way through normal, maybe with their eye on doing heroic in future. The trick is to find a guild that’s patient with people who are learning, or who are just learning themselves. They do exist, I’ve been part of them before. In your case it might be a bit more difficult because a lot of guilds don’t take people under the age of 18, for various reasons (some good reasons, some bad).

    If you try to join a guild that’s doing content too far above your comfort level it’ll just be a bad experience for everyone, because they might get frustrated with you, and you might feel bad about yourself, or about holding them back, or feel too stressed out from the pressure. Conversely, joining a guild too far below your level of ability can also be bad, for a lot of the same reasons, just in reverse.

    Of course, you may not want to leave the guild you’re in now, for whatever reason. I’m not sure what your situation is exactly. If so, you could try to lead some pugs yourself, since then you can’t be kicked and can try to choose people who are more patient. That brings it’s own headaches though.

    I wish I could offer to bring you along with us, but we’re clearing heroic in one night and doing mythic progression, so you really would have to be already geared and ready to jump into things. (And it’s complicated to try to bring friends who aren’t guild members, because what if EVERYONE wants to bring random people along? How do we vet them?) But if you’re ever getting together a pug on Horde side and see me puttering around online feel free to ask me to come along with you. Since we’re not running normals I probably won’t be locked to it, so if I’m free I might be able to come along.

    • Thanks so much for the advice! I do really love my guild; they are a supportive and awesome group of people. But I have a lot of toons in the guild, and I’m positive they would understand if one of mine left to join a raiding guild. So guild hopping is still an option (though, only if the raiding guild is a good fit).

      The problem I’ve run into is because of my somewhat restrictive schedule, there are very few guilds running things when I can come along. I want to be available for the full extent of the raid which greatly limits my options in guilds. I’ve found a few on my server (because I don’t have the funds to transfer off) but many of those guilds are either elitist, not recruiting, or not allowing younger people into their guild at all. I’m always keeping an eye out, but right now there are just not any good options for guilds.

      The other outlet I’ve been pursuing is pugged raids formed on the internet (such as twitter raids). But those are either mostly horde runs or Convert to Raid. And as great as CTR guilds are, they don’t often bring non guildies along. Again, not much luck there.

      My best shot is to gear up as much as I can without stepping in the raids (missions, LFR, crafted gear, etc) and then try my luck with the in game pugging system. That way, people will invite me because my gear isn’t too bad and will be more willing to explain the fights. Maybe, hopefully, I will find a good group that runs regularly that I can tag along with.

      As for difficulty level, I really just want to run normals with a little bit of heroic mixed in. Because of my age and the time I could put it, the most I’d try for is a casual raiding guild.

      I totally understand your last point! I know I’m nowhere near your guys’ level and I would truly only slow you down. Plus, I don’t currently have my hordies leveled 😛 But thanks for the offer! If I ever do see you online and free, I’ll send you a shout!

      Thanks again for this advice!! I will definitely keep all this in mind going forward. It seems I have a lot of decisions to make!

  3. I’m slowly but surely getting myself geared and hope to be able to get into a decent LFR in the near future. Good luck with your endeavors and maybe I’ll see you there sometime. 😀

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