I am a Rose: A Visual Story

There is a little house in Val’sharah with a story to tell. Tucked away under a corrupted tree, this house appears to be like any other unfortunate structure caught in the Nightmare – hastily abandoned and then ransacked. Except… in this house, the previous inhabitants left notes.

This is one of those things that I think is far cooler to experience in game rather than read about later, so I’d highly recommend you guys check this structure and the surrounding areas out for yourself! I unfortunately don’t have the exact coordinates, but it is located across the bridge from Starsong Refuge and to the left once you reach the branching of the trail. However, if you want to know the story now, keep reading after the cut!

There’s about five notes in total, scattered about the front of the structure, leading towards the house itself. All of the notes in the front appear to say the same thing over and over and over, although if you play any non night elf race, the message is a whole bunch of gobbly gook. If you happen to play a Kaldorei though… the note is even more haunting.

Once you enter the house proper, there is only one note in here, sitting right in the center of the floor. All around, the furniture has been mangled and crushed, nightmare vines creeping through everything (there’s also a chest, but I don’t think this is so important to the story since it only drops the typical AP items). The note has changed, but as before, only night elves can read it’s true message.

All on it’s own, the whole area is very eerie. The Nightmare is known for driving insane those who get caught in it’s path. It’s very likely that whoever wrote these notes original was driven mad, a poor soul caught in the crossfire of Xavius’s war. The vagueness of the notes, too, makes them downright frightening. “Every rose has it’s thorns”, well that’s relatively straightforward – even beautiful things have problems. But why the transition to “I am a rose”; is the author admitting they’re flawed too? Or do they realize, at least on some level, that they’re being corrupted? The fact that the message is scrawled over and over again only heightens suspense.

After discovering the notes, I kept snooping around in and outside of the house. When I rounded to the back, I discovered something that made the notes pale in comparison.

In what might have been a shallow grave at the back of the house is a pile of skeletons. Other, bodiless skulls rest on books or inside a nearby box. But the most horrifying part? Almost every skeleton has a rose growing out of the skull.

Stuff like this is what I live for in game. As far as I can tell, there’s no quest tie-in to this little visual story, and no greater purpose to it beyond being downright hair-raising. But this story, potentially because of it’s ambiguity, is one of the most memorable and haunting parts of Val’sharah. We’ll never know what happened here, but given the context, the stories we can imagine are endless.

Thank you Blizzard for one of the creepiest stories in game!

And thank you Alunaria for reminding me of this!

10 thoughts on “I am a Rose: A Visual Story

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  2. I absolutely loved this when I found out! I like to explore, and to see this… using the same word as you, it was eerie. I don’t have a Night Elf with a level high enough to be able to read it, but when I “read” the notes, I figured only Night Elves could understand it. I cheated a bit, I googled it, but only to see the notes. When I did, I continued to explore the house. The backyard was … I was kind of in shock. These little “gifts” in-game make me adore Blizzard. It’s not just a game, they create the perfect environment for a player to feel they are the character they are playing with! It was a really amazing add to Val’Sharah!

    • Agreed! I’ll be honest, before I discovered this little secret, Val’sharah was well on it’s way to becoming my least favorite Legion zone because I didn’t feel the emotional impact nearly as much as I did with other zones. But, after I found this, the threat of the Nightmare became a lot more real and urgent. Here’s to hoping that Blizzard continues to add little tales like this!

      • Oh, I love Val’Sharah! It’s amazing! I do get what you’re saying about not feeling the emotional impact though. At first, the fight at the Temple of Elune and all other war zones seemed a bit like isolated situations for me. But as I keep going there, I discover more and more things to love! The amazing landscape made me go there, and the story kept me there 🙂 YES! Blizzard’s little gifts like that one are so well thought, I hope they keep doing that too!!

  3. I did not know about this, gonna see it for myself as soon as I get home 😀

    If you like these “hidden” WoW secrets, maybe I have one for you…. Have you ever visited the mushroom circle in Tirisfal?

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