Garrison Sweet Garrison

Image Source: World of Warcraft Official Game Site

Image Source: World of Warcraft Official Game Site

Fussypants: They will be the new big thing, a massive part of Warlords of Draenor.  They will allow you to get mats way faster than ever before, like the Farm on steroids.  And I have no interest in them what so ever.

Garrisons, from what I understand will be a throwback of sorts to the original Warcraft RTS’s.  You will be able to build your own fortress, and collect minions to work on that fortress.  Garrisons will supply you will numerous crafting mats, and ‘hours of entertainment’.  Except, this doesn’t sound like ‘hours of entertainment’ to me.

I have three main issues with the idea of garrisons.  The first of those being that it will either become too valuable or not worth the effort.  I can see the garrison becoming such a strong producer of mats that it becomes the only viable way to work on professions.  Which is not fun at all – I don’t want to be forced to micro-manage my own little fortress just to make a pair of pants in tailoring.

On the other hand, I can also see the garrison being a very weak producer of mats, which may make it not even worth the effort to maintain.  For example, if an hour of garrison gets you one stack of herbs, that’s way less herbs than you would get by farming the old-fashioned way in the same amount of time.  If it’s not even worth the effort, then very few people will maintain a garrison as well.

The second reason why I don’t like the concept of garrisons, is because I didn’t particularly like the farm.  Truth be told, I’ve only planted things five or six times ever.  That whole idea of micro-managing a fortress is boring to me.  The idea sound like a modified Clash of Clans (something I do not play) instead of Sim City (something I do play), and I would want it to be Sim City – like if I were to micro-manage it.

The last reason is because it sounds like a lot of grinding.  You will have to spend a lot of time (its inevitable) to upgrade your garrison and outfit it to the max.  I know me, and I’d rather be raiding than working on my garrison.  I have a limited playtime, and I would rather do something that has an instant pay off than something that takes time to get that pay off.

The idea of garrisons does not interest me at all.  The rates of production, micro-managing aspect, and time sink that it currently is being described as does not attract me at all.  However, WoD is still in alpha.  I have the feeling that Garrisons will be changed a lot before they are officially released.  As it stands, I currently have no interest in them, but I will try to keep an open mind.

Image from WoW official site

Image Source: World of Warcraft Official Game Site

Yotaan:  I have two minds about Garrisons.  They could be interesting, or a massive time-sink.  First, some background of my play is in order.  I played Clash of Clans for about 10 minutes total, I didn’t find it engaging and, frankly, it seemed like a lot of work.  So will that be the same for garrisons?

As for WoW, some history – When the Farm came out for Mists, I really wasn’t that interested overall.  I did several of the Tiller quests as I leveled thorough the zone and the farm was halfway along.  No big whoop.  However, at max level, Yotaan found himself tilling soil and planting seeds.  Turns out that you can “grow” several mats at the Farm.  Initially my toon needed Songs of Harmony for crafting a better chestpiece, and I think it was Yotaan’s first purple.  Then, I needed a lot leather for getting more leatherworking recipes by doing the daily cool downs and finally, we needed a lot of ore, so Yotaan grew that.  Somewhere in there Yotaan grew the special herbs too.  I advanced the farm just enough to make it easy to grow the mats.  Never went beyond that.  No “inn” or mailbox.  Now, the fields lie fallow.

I do want to say that the Farm did help all of our toons to advance, particularly for the legendary cape, as you need a ton of trillium for a turn in part way thorough. While the Garrison feature will have mats production, I hoping there are more engaging aspects to it.  I am not so excited about the “mini-game” aspect to it like Fussypants.  The current mini-game, the pet battles, does not interest me (although that could be that was I old when Pokemon came out…)  Likely, you will only access the mini-game aspect in Warlords, and I will want to play warlords then!

Now, if I was the boss of Blizzard I would make the Garrison account-bound.  It would have to be split along factions, of course.   But I would love to play Yotaan in the Garrison, knowing that it would not only help Yotaan, but Fussy and all the other alts.  How cool would it be if you have more than one character in the same Garrison at the same time!  The mini-game would interest me so much more if we could concentrate all of our toon’s efforts into one Garrison that would help all of our toons – that would do it for me!

6 thoughts on “Garrison Sweet Garrison

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  2. All good points. I am a little excited and a little apprehensive. I think it is going to be a major time sink. I have a few 90s (too embarrassed to even say how many) so the idea of doing this for each one… /cry. I wish it was more of a cosmetic thing and less grindy.

    I would’ve loved a place with race appropriate buildings to house your pets and mounts, your transmog sets and trophies of sorts of your best achievements, and even have your alts meandering around the garrison doing little things. Instead, it sounds like farm 2.0. They are hyping it so much…all I can think is ugh, I so do not want to do this on all my alts. 😦

    • I forgot to mention that in the article, but YES! I would enjoy garrisons way more if they were a cosmetic thing. Then it would feel more like your own house, which would make me want to be there more often.
      I really worry about the amount of hype that it is getting too. I’m hoping they don’t make garrisons the main part of the expansion because I would get burned out quickly. And they really need to be account bound! I have far too many characters to have one per toon.

  3. I’m waiting anxiously to see what it is really going to entail. Seems like it’s going to be very similar to the farming that we’re doing now in Halfhill – if I can get to it on all of my alts….more time.

    • I’m hoping they make the garrisons more cosmetic and customizable, allowing people to really make the garrison their own. Also, I don’t think I will be able to maintain 4+ garrisons with the amount of play time I have. It’s a MASSIVE time sink!

      • Even with the farms and the number of 90s I have cruising around, it’s going to be hit or miss except for my two mains that I have been working on throughout this expansion.

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